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Chip Kelly says Josh Huff is an extremely tough, dynamic playmaker

The Eagles' head coach had high praise for one of his wide receivers.

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It had been a very quiet season for Josh Huff prior to Week 5. The second-year receiver only managed to gain 39 yards on four receptions in three games. Against the New Orleans Saints, however, Huff showed up big. The 2014 third round pick stepped up big, finishing with 78 yards and one touchdown on four receptions. He even capped off his first career receiving touchdown with a fancy front flip into the end zone.

It was just last week when Chip Kelly said the Eagles need Huff to be a big contributor in this offense. Kelly isn't wrong. Moving forward, the Eagles could really use more production out of Huff, especially with rookie Nelson Agholor struggling to make a big immediate impact. The good news for the team is that Kelly seemed really encouraged by Huff.

"Josh, in general as a player, is an extremely dynamic player," Kelly said. "I think he's got the ability to change directions, stop and start. He's really good with the football in his hands, that's why he's doing a great job of turning for us. We've used him as a running back when he was back in college. He could make people miss. But the other thing with Josh is he's extremely tough. He's one of the better blockers in this league. I mean, he's a tough, physical person at the point of attack. That's what makes him such a good special teams player, such a good gunner because sometimes there are guys that are good receivers, but they're not good on teams because of the physical nature of teams. I think Josh can do it all. The thing with Josh is just he missed an extended period of time at the beginning of last season, just kind of getting the reps and getting him more comfortable in terms of what we're doing. He was playing well, I think he played 36 or 37 snaps, and then got hurt and missed the Jets game."

"So then coming back off of the injury, he didn't practice full in the Washington week, but had a really good week of training this week going into the Saints game, so just trying to get him back out there," said Kelly. "He played, I think, right around between 30 and 40 snaps, just getting him acclimated in terms of what we're doing, but there's some versatility with Josh in terms of what you can do with him. And he obviously can do some things with the ball in his hands after the catch, which is beneficial to us."

Kelly touched on a number of subjects during his Monday afternoon press conference. More topics below:

Lots of love for Cox

I really think for us, it's what Fletch has done here since we've been here. I mean, he's been a very disruptive force on the defensive line since we've been here. I think he's just starting to get noticed what he probably should have gotten before. I think you even -- you go back to last year, and an opponent is talking about going in, getting ready to play us, and they're talking about Fletcher's name.

So, he was close in a couple of our earlier games, really close a couple times in the Washington game to getting some sacks. And I know Billy [Defensive coordinator Bill Davis] says that says it happens, sometimes they just come in bunches, but I think he's played at a really high level for a while here. It's just yesterday it kind of all came together for him, but I still remember him picking up and scoring one against Jacksonville. I mean, he's made some really big plays; this wasn't his first big game for us. But, it's something that we've become kind of accustomed to because of the type of player Fletch is.

Just the motor that Fletch plays with. I think it's always running with him, and you know, he's been close in a couple games, like I said, but to make a play like that, not only does he force the play; he gets a sack; he causes the fumble; and then recovers the fumble. It was a really big play for us, especially at that point in time in the game, too, but I think that's the type of player he is. And I think -- we keep seeing him getting a little bit better every week, so that's a good thing for us as we're moving forward here.

Caleb Sturgis is still here to stay

No, we're not going to work out kickers this week. We're going to roll with Caleb.

Caleb did a nice job. I think he kind of got into a groove there, especially in the kickoffs. A couple of them were short early, but the last couple he hit, I think he really hit really well. We had a slightly high snap and a snap-hold operation on the missed extra point, but besides that I thought he hit the ball well. He started to get a little more comfortable. Him, Fipp [Special teams coordinator Dave Fipp], [P] Donnie [Jones] and [LS] Jon [Dorenbos] are getting on the same page. And to come in, in terms of where he's been, [he] had a short week the week we brought him in here, in terms of getting ready for the first game, and now he's starting to get into a little bit of a rhythm, so we'll see how that goes. But, I thought he had a good game.

Why is Sam Bradford playing better in the second half?

Maybe he just needs to see the looks a little bit more; he settles down a little bit. I know he has been statistically-- when you look at it, and he really has been better, but I think maybe he just gets settled a little bit more. That's probably a good question for him.

And how can the Eagles get Bradford going earlier?

See if we get a scrimmage going before it, a double header. He'd be great at a double header. That would be awesome. That's a good suggestion. [Laughter] I don't know, we'll talk to him a little bit about it, but I think he needs to see some things, and it kind of seems like he gets settled. He's one of those guys where if he gets hit, he feels a little bit better, but you also don't want to have him get hit. So, I don't have an answer for that. But, I think, offensively as a group, we moved the ball well in the first half; we just didn't capitalize those two red-zone turnovers, really hurt us.

Offensive line and the run game

Again, I said it yesterday, we just blocked better in the run game. And obviously if we can get our run game going, then our pass game with our quick game and our play-action passes off of that, I think we kept [QB] Sam [Bradford] clean, gave him an opportunity to throw the football. But, it starts with us being able to run the football, and we did a good job with that.

I don't know if you watched the same game we watched, we ran sweep more than any play we ran there [Sports reporter] Les [Bowen]. We had the ball outside more than I think we have had any game we've played this year. We ran the ball outside more than in any game we played this year.

Marcus Smith made an impression

Yeah, Marcus played 22 snaps, and overall, I think he's shown improvement. On the interception, Walter's interception, as you asked me yesterday, he did do a good job of one-arm bull rushing the offensive tackle; kind of bringing him back into Drew's face, and Drew couldn't really follow through on the throw. So, we were pleased first time getting him out there, we thought he did a good job.

Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor are working on drop issues

Yeah, we've got guys on the Jugs machine. [WR] Jordan [Matthews] and Nelly [Nelson Agholor] come in here every morning at 7:00 and are on the jugs machines and are really working on the mechanics to fundamentally catching the football. But, it's something that has hurt us in every game we've played. We've had drops at -- we call those SIWs, those are self-inflicted wounds. That's us dropping the ball, that's not a defense making a good play. If it's a tip or it's out of our reach, then yeah, we understand that. But we've got to clean up the drops, and when we do, I think we can be an even more explosive offense. But they have hurt us, and we need to continue to address it. It's a focus issue; it's a concentration issue in terms of just going back to the fundamentals. Sometimes it's trying to run before you catch it, but you have to have the eyes through the tuck, and then finish with the football before you ever start to think about turning up or running.

How will the linebacker rotation work when Mychal Kendricks and Kiko Alonso return?

I hope we get to that point. I mean, you could say the same thing, but [LB] DeMeco [Ryans] and Hicks could get hurt next week. That's why we never worry about -- just tell us who's available and we'll go from there. But, having too many good players is a good problem to have.

Jason Kelce's improvement

We thought Jason graded out really well and played really well, but I thought he played well versus Washington, also. He has gotten better as the season has gone along, but he's played -- in the last two games, he's played at a really high level.

The increase of two tight end sets

Every time we do anything personnel-wise it's because of what the defense has shown, that they dictate it in terms of how they try to play it. You try to predict what you're going to get. When we put ‘this’ in the game and line up in ‘this’ formation, this is what we anticipate seeing. When we do that in a game, do they do that? And if they do, now [you say], ‘Hey, we can run this, this and this.’ If they don't, that's kind of that chess match that goes on within the game.

In certain teams [it brings out more base defense], yeah, in certain teams, no, and then with the Saints they varied it. Sometimes we played in base, sometimes we played against nickel. You've got to be prepared for both, but you just -- no matter what you're doing formation-wise or personnel-wise, you're trying to elicit a response from the defense, and that's what the tape watching and the film is based on the last five games you've broken down whenever 12 personnel was in the game, how did they defend 12 personnel? But again, people can change during the week, too, so you have to see is what you saw on film confirmed, and are they continuing to do that? If that's the case, then at least you know what you're going to get, and then it's not over, it's going out and executing.