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Sam Bradford helps turn Eagles season around by organizing players-only meeting in the shower

The real reason why the Eagles beat the Saints.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles played their best offensive game of the season in the team's win over the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. The Eagles gained 519 total yards of offense and scored 39 points. Leading up to this game, the Eagles were majorly struggling on offense. So what made the difference in this one? There were several factors, and one of them includes Sam Bradford. But it wasn't only what Bradford did on the field against the Saints. According to starting right tackle Lane Johnson, Bradford held a players meeting in the showers prior to the game in order to help inspire the team.

It's pretty funny to think Bradford picked the showers as a meeting place to get the team hyped up. It's also funny that Bradford, who seems pretty laid back, is the one who stepped up in this situation.

Bradford was up and down on the field in the Eagles' win. The Eagles' starting quarterback threw for 333 yards on 45 attempts (7.4 average), two touchdowns, two interceptions, and a 88.5 passer rating. His two interceptions killed potential scoring drives as they both came in the end zone.

Bradford's performance against a terrible Saints defense was good enough to help the team win this week. Moving forward, he'll need to be better. For now, the team can be happy he's taking a leadership role and showing fight.