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Sam Bradford is on pace for similar stats as Nick Foles was orginally on pace for in 2014

Through 4 games, Eagles starting quarterback Sam Bradford isn't on pace for a great season.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback Sam Bradford hasn't looked very inspiring through his first four games under Chip Kelly. In fact, the numbers suggest he might not be all that different from the projected 2014 version of Nick Foles. Here's what a projection of Bradford's current stats look like projected through a 16 game season.

16 games

Many thought Bradford would struggle to stay healthy, but he hasn't missed a snap yet.

3,792 yards

This would mark a career high for Bradford. He reached 3,702 yards through 16 starts with St. Louis in 2012.

24 Passing TDs

Bradford has never thrown for more than 21 touchdowns. Last year, Foles was on pace for 24 touchdowns through four games as well.

16 INTs

This would also be a career high for Bradford, which isn't a good sign. Bradford threw 15 picks as a rookie in 2010. Surprise: Foles was also on pace for 16 interceptions after four games last year.

580 attempts

Bradford attempted 590 passes as a rookie.

352 completions

Bradford completed 354 passes as a rookie.

6.5 yards per attempt

Bradford's career high in yards per attempt is a mere 6.8.

60.7 % percentage

This mark would tie a career high for Bradford. He was completing 60.7% of his passes in 2013 before suffering a season-ending injury with the Rams.

24 rush attempts

Sam Vickford attempted 37 runs in 2012.

84 rush yards

Bradford is on pace for the second most single-season rushing yards of his career.

0 rush TDs

Bradford only has two career rushing touchdowns, so don't expect much more here.

4 fumbles

Bradford has only fumbled once so far. That fumble came on a play where Jason Kelce snapped the ball when he wasn't ready. Bradford only fumble three times in 2013 but there was in only seven games played.


Total Bradford's projected passing/running yards together and you get 3,876 yards of total offense.

It's clear Bradford has under-performed this season, especially relative to expectations. The Eagles had high hopes for him by giving up a 2016 second round pick and Foles to get him. Bradford is coming off his most impressive game of the season in Week 4, but he still has a long way to go before he looks like a legitimate franchise quarterback worth who is worth a long-term commitment.

Just for fun, here's a comparison of Bradford's 2015 pace numbers to Nick Foles' on pace numbers through four games in 2014. Foles was on pace for more yardage, but also a few more turnovers due to his high fumbling rate. Touchdowns and interceptions are exactly the same.

Games Pass yards Pass TD INT Pass attempts Completions Completion% Yards/Attempt Fumbles Rush attempt Rush Yards Rush TD Total Yards Total TD
Nick Foles 2014 16 4962 24 16 664 384 57.80% 7.47 12 36 140 5102 24
Sam Bradford 2015 16 3792 24 16 580 352 60.70% 6.5 4 24 84 3876 24