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Eagles News: Chip Kelly explains why Philadelphia didn't address the offensive line

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/1/15.

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Let's get to the links...

Notes: Chip And the Offensive Line - Birds 24/7
The Eagles did use the No. 4 overall pick on Lane Johnson during Kelly's first year with the team. However, they have made 20 draft selections since then spanning three years, and not one has been an o-lineman. "I mean, I just think it unfolds the way it unfolds," said Kelly. "When you pick, there are probably a couple guys that go a couple picks before you that you’re, ‘Jeez I wish that guy was there. If he was there, he's probably rated higher than the guy we had.’ But, when we look at the draft itself, we are always just kind of going all the way down. And as the names get picked, you take them off and then you look at them and just say, ‘Who is the best available?’

The All-22: Watching tape with Eagles defensive back Malcolm Jenkins -
"The versatility of players is at a premium now, because it's all about matchups. You've got Jimmy Graham. You've got Brandon Marshall. You've got Larry Fitzgerald, who's in the slot and is probably too big for a smaller corner, so you need to put a bigger guy in there. There aren't too many teams who have these old traditional body types in the secondary. With our defense, we have four cornerbacks on the field. I was drafted basically as a cornerback. Walter Thurmond, this is his first year playing safety, but he was drafted as a cornerback. And everybody else has either played the nickel position or cornerback position, and it works out well for us."

Eagles film breakdown: Eric Rowe explains 'look and lean'  - PhillyVoice
A common phrase you would hear yelled out during WR-CB one-on-one drills during Eagles training camp was, "Look and lean! LOOK AND LEAN!" That's a common technique used by defensive backs when defending vertical throws down the field. Rookie cornerback Eric Rowe explained the technique and how defensive backs coach Cory Undlin teaches it.

The Eagles Ground Game: From Hot Mess to Work in Progress - ChipWagon
Needless to say, the Eagles really needed to get the ground game working if we were to expect to see any improvements on the offensive side of the ball. Fortunately, we saw that on Sunday against a tough New York Jets front. Fran Duffy over at did a great job outlining how the Eagles game-planned against that Jets defensive front with a heavy dose of outside running to avoid the interior of the Jets DL. Certainly, after reviewing the All-22 we saw some major improvements in the execution of the run game, but Chip also did an excellent job of moving away from the inside zone and sweep play and introduced a bit more diversity in the run game. In this post, we'll talk a little bit about how Chip mixed up formations and used a heavy dose of outside zone to attack the Jets with some decent success. That said, the Eagles only averaged 3.2 yards per carry on Sunday, and even against a strong Jets front, that is a number that needs to improve moving forward. As you'll see in this post, this group is still a work in progress who now faces another challenge in dealing with Andrew Gardner's season-ending injury.

Sloppy Sammy - Iggles Blitz
Sam Bradford is a work in progress, to put it mildly. He is 23rd in the league in passing yards. He is 29th in QB rating. Beyond numbers, he simply isn’t passing the eye test. Something just doesn’t look right. I think it is too early to come to any real conclusions on Bradford. While he isn’t playing well right now, there have been enough positives to make you think he can still play at a high level. In the 2nd half of the opener, Bradford moved the team up and down the field. The TD pass to Ryan Mathews on Sunday was a good throw. The incompletion to Darren Sproles that might have been a TD was just about perfect. Great throw. There was a nice play where Bradford rolled right and hit Zach Ertz on a crossing route.

Jordan Matthews says Eagles are 'going to be a great passing team' - Daily News
I'm not going to stand here and tell you that Bradford has played well the last three weeks. He hasn't. But I am going to tell you that you might want to give him a little more than three weeks before you start making plans to run him out of town. Jordan Matthews is going to tell you the same thing. "The biggest thing I hate is that he gets so much of the blame" for the problems with the passing game, the Eagles wide receiver said. "That's unfair and it's not true. We have to go out there and make plays for him. That's what helps get him going. He's putting it on us. We have to go out there and do it."

Sam Bradford accepts criticism for lack of deep passes - CSN Philly
On Wednesday, an interesting thing happened. Bradford not only addressed both criticisms but agreed they’re fair. First, on the absence of big plays. This is only the second time in the last 20 years the Eagles haven’t had a 33-yard completion going into Week 4. "It would be nice to be able to get the deep ball going, it would be nice to be able to push the ball down the field," Bradford said after practice. "Hopefully, that’s something that we can get to this week."

Who have been the Eagles' 10 best players this season? -
The Eagles are 1-2, so it is safe to say things are not going exactly to plan.  That doesn't mean, however, there hasn't been some positive developments through the first three games.  Despite the losing record, the Eagles have had a number of players step up this season, many of them either backups or role players.

Caleb Sturgis: Crazy Life Of An NFL Kicker -
Light posts. During the days when Caleb Sturgis waited for his agent to call with news of a tryout with another NFL team, he brought his bag of footballs and his kicking cleats and went to a local YMCA in Florida and kicked at light posts ...

The Browns couldn't score from the 1-yard-line against 10 players - SB Nation
It's embarrassing enough to get stopped on third-and-1. It's supremely embarrassing to get stopped on third-and-1 by a team that didn't send enough players onto the field.

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