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Chip Kelly Tostito Commercials: Power ranking all 10 clips

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Which Chip clip is your favorite?

Now that you've seen all 10 of Chip Kelly's hilarious Tostitos commercials, it's time to determine which ones are the best and worst (SPOILER: they are all good). This is the Internet, after all, and arbitrarily ranking things is a necessity. TO THE POWER RANKINGS, in order of least best to most best.

10) Jingle

The cheesy jingle doesn't do much for me. The beginning of the video where Chip is nodding his head around is a bit funnier if you actually mute the volume.

9) Throw

This one makes me laugh more than it should but I have to knock off points for Chip's cheesy acting at the end. Come onnnnnn.

8) Interruption

Direct and to the point. NO ONE CARES!

7) Dreaming

Poor Chip. I wonder if he really owns one of those Eagles blankets.

6) Punt

The blunt nature of this one actually makes me laugh, and I feel bad for ranking a video with a Donnie Jones cameo this low, but the other ones are better.

5) Dom

This one's pretty cool because they found a way to get the Eagles' real vice president of team security, Dom DiSandro, involved. Don't mess with Dom.

4) Really

The look on Chip's face when he finds out he can be the official Chip is priceless. Too bad it wasn't true.

3) Coach

I mean, what if the real reason that Zach Ertz only saw limited playing time in 2014 was because he was taking advice from a bag of chips instead of his coach?

2) Frame


1) Cart

Easily the best. The sight of Chip Kelly standing in a shopping cart is just everything.