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Chip Kelly is now starring in funny TOSTITOS commercials (VIDEO)

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The Eagles coach is not the official Chip of the NFL.

With great power comes great responsibility. And also great endorsement deals.

Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly is the star of a series of new Tostitos commercials centered around the theme that the actual chips, and not the actual Chip, are the official chip of the NFL.

The clips are pretty hilarious. Watch them all in the playlist above this post.

There are 10 videos in total. Kelly is the star, but there are a few cameos from Eagles players tight end Zach Ertz and punter Donnie Jones along with vice president of team security (the big guy who is essentially Chip's body guard) Dom DiSandro.

I have to say, I didn't expect Kelly to be involved in something like this considering how he typically likes to stay off the radar and out of the spotlight. But hey, money talks!

And these are a lot funnier than I would have ever expected. Kelly's acting skills could sure use a little improvement but they're passable. Nice work here.