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Raiders coaching search: Pat Shurmur could be a serious contender for the Oakland job

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Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

It appears Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur isn't just another name in the Oakland Raiders coaching search. According to Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle, it seems like Shurmur could actually be a pretty serious target. Tafur tweeted the following on Wednesday evening:

"Was told not to sleep on Pat Shurmur for Raiders head coach job & I have to admit, I was hockey-on-TV passed out on that idea."

NFL insider Ian Rapoport followed up on Tafur's tweet by saving Shurmur "impressed" the Raiders during his interview in Oakland last week.

Frankly, this is surprising. It's easy to see why team's have interest in interviewing Shurmur given his former head coaching experience (which didn't go very well) and his work with Chip Kelly, but I didn't imagine he would be a real favorite to land a job.

Shurmur also interviewed for the Buffalo Bills' vacancy earlier this week.

If Shurmur doesn't return to Philadelphia, the Eagles will have to find a new offensive coordinator. Perhaps the team would consider promoting quarterback coach Bill Musgrave if they don't look at outside options. Musgrave was the Vikings' offensive coordinator before joining Philadelphia to replace Bill Lazor last offseason.