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Brian Gaine, Chris Polian granted permission to interview with Eagles

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The Eagles have secured interviews with a few of their GM targets.

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Let's take a moment to recap the Eagles' general manager search so far. According to various reports, seven known candidates have emerged. Here are the names, and what we know about each.

• Ed Marynowitz, Philadelphia Eagles - Assistant director of player personnel

Marynowitz has received a lot of praise from various reporters. The only issue is that he's young. It seems like he might be more appropriate for Tom Gamble's former position as vice president of player personnel.

• Sheldon White, Detroit Lions - Vice president of pro personnel

White is an experienced candidate. He's served time as an executive, scout, and player. There hasn't been a confirmation whether White has officially interviewed with the Eagles or not.

• Chris Ballard, Kansas City Chiefs - Director of player personnel

Experienced candidate but reportedly doesn't have interest in joining Philadelphia. Currently a target for the Chicago Bears GM vacancy.

• Eliot Wolf, Green Bay Packers - Director of player personnel

Young executive with potential. Doesn't seem likely that the Packers will grant his permission to interview with the Eagles, if he's even interested. Wolf was recently promoted by Green Bay.

• Chris Grier, Miami Dolphins - Director of college scouting

Experienced but no word on whether he's been granted permission to interview with Philadelphia.

• Chris Polian, Jacksonville Jaguars - Director or pro scouting

Not an ideal target due to his failures with the Colts. The Jaguars have granted Polian permission to interview.

• Brian Gaine, Houston Texans - Director of pro personnel

Could be a realistic target. The Texans have granted him permission to interview with the Eagles.

Note that we're keeping track of all the Eagles GM candidates in one place. There's no time-frame for a hire so patience is necessary.