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Eagles rumor: Other defensive coaches will be leaving

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that Eagles assistant defensive backs coach Todd Lyght leaving for Vanderbilt might not be the only change to come for the Eagles coaching staff. Shortly after the Lyght report emerged on Wednesday evening, Howard Eskin tweeted the following:

Eskin's right, he did hint at the possibility of assistant coach firings last week. Here's his very, very vague tweet:

So... it sounds like more changes could be on the way. What kind of changes? I can't imagine it would be something as big as firing defensive coordinator Bill Davis, who Kelly already committed to during his end of season press conference. Instead, I'm guessing the Eagles could make some changes to their position coaches. The Eagles' lackluster secondary gave up too many big plays on defense in 2014 so maybe defensive backs coach John Lovett could be on the outside looking in. Just a guess.

Stay tuned.