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Eagles assistant DB coach Todd Lyght is leaving to join Vanderbilt

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There's been a minor change in the Eagles coaching staff.


According to NFL media’s Ian Rapoport, Eagles assistant defensive back Todd Lyght is leaving Philadelphia to join Vanderbilt's coaching staff as a cornerbacks coach.

Lyght has served as an assistant to defensive backs coach John Lovett ever since joining Chip Kelly's original coaching staff in 2013. Lyght was a coaching intern at Oregon before joining Philadelphia.

It's currently unclear whether Lyght wanted to leave the Eagles or the organization pushed him out following a lackluster season from the Eagles secondary.

During his end of season press conference, Kelly said he didn't anticipate making too many changes to his staff, but he did note the possibility of losing coaches to outside hires.

"That happens, too. That's another aspect.  Last year we lost Bill Lazor, who went to Miami. There are some things you don't have control over in terms of -- I'm never going to stand in a coach's way when they have an opportunity to kind of get what they consider a better job. It's really their decision, not my decision. I'll weigh in on it if they want me to give advice.  But I would anticipate as openings happen around the league and there could be openings in college where people want to go to a college job. But that's always done on an individual basis and you never know. We finished the season last year, we didn't have anything, and then three weeks later, the Miami thing started happening with Bill.  So we'll cross that bridge if it happens, but I would anticipate it. We do have some really good coaches here, so I’m hopefully that we can keep everybody together."