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Eagles News: Howie Roseman didn't trust his staff

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/7/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles' shake-up revisited: Why was Roseman pushed aside? - CSN Philly
One major reason the NovaCare Complex became a revolving door for talented executives, according to several people who have worked under Roseman, is because working with Roseman can be unbearable, especially in times of adversity. [...] Roseman was also distrustful of his staff, fearing that underlings would try to climb the ladder and snatch away his job the same way he did as he worked his way up the chain for 16 years. His paranoia either drove other talented executives away or landed them pink slips. That’s why guys like Jason Licht, Marc Ross, Tom Heckert, Louis Riddick, Tom Gamble and others had short careers with the Eagles as Roseman worked his way up. "He’s not a leader," one person who worked under Roseman said. "He’s an authority figure."

Eagles Wake-Up Call: The Marcus Smith Question - Birds 24/7
Roseman has talked often in the past about formulating a draft board and sticking with it. Don't reach because of need or because there's a run at a certain position. That's how mistakes are made. But it doesn't seem like that same approach was used last year. If it was, why would Roseman have had to convince Kelly to wait on Hart? Wouldn't they have already formed opinions and put together the board? Plucking names and making picks would then have been pretty simple. Had this been simply about Jeffrey Lurie not trusting Roseman as a talent evaluator, Lurie wouldn't have scoffed at the idea that the GM might not return when asked after the Giants game.

A Case, Not a Fight - Iggles Blog
Except, what if the reason Chip went off the board for a guy like Hart is because the board wasn't giving him the kinds of guys he really wanted? What if he was simply aping -- in reverse -- the old Cincinnati draft strategy, in which an organization that refused to invest enough money in scouts took character risk after character risk because at least those guys could play?

Eagles GM Search: This isn't a bad job -
As the Eagles continue to look for a top personnel man to sit at the right hand of Chip Kelly and advise him on the draft, free agency and any other move the team might make, word getting out is this isn't a good job. More than one report has called it nothing more than being a "yes man'', others have quoted some top personnel man as saying basically who would want a job like that. Reality is, it's a pretty good job, depending on what your current job entails.

Jeff McLane's Eagles Stay Or Go verdict - Inquirer
It’s that time of year again: 65 days until free agency, 99 days until spring workouts, 109 days until the draft, and 230 days until the Eagles must trim their roster to 53 before the start of next season. It’s never too early to look ahead and project which players the team will bring back. Here’s one man’s predictions on which players who ended the season on either the 53-man roster or injured reserve will stay or go.

WR Jordan Matthews: What Is Next Step? -
The conversation about Jordan Matthews isn’t about what he did in his tremendous rookie season, which we already know. It’s about how much higher his ceiling goes, and what it means to the Eagles offense moving forward ...

The NFL Owner's Manual on What Not to Do - The Sideline View
The coach or QB doesn’t decide the fate of an NFL team; the owner does. John Middlekauff breaks down how Jeffrey Lurie empowered his coach through tough times for the overall health of the team, while 49ers owner Jed York gave us a blueprint on what not to do.

Don't get your hopes up about Marcus Mariota to the Eagles - The 700 Level
Sure, the possibly is one to salivate over- Kelly bringing in a quarterback who knows his system, one who's coming off a Heisman Trophy win and possibly a national championship. Every coach wants "his" quarterback, and it's hard to imagine a better fit- and yes, I'm sure Kelly would love few things more than to get Mariota in green.  Don't get your hopes up, though. Because Mariota ending up on the Eagles is virtually impossible.

Scot McCloughan reportedly hired as Washington GM - SB Nation
Washington reportedly has hired former Seahawks and 49ers executive Scot McCloughan to be its new general manager, after five seasons with Bruce Allen filling the role.