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2015 NFL Draft: Will Jameis Winston declare or stay in college?

Tick, tock...

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As the days dwindle for college players to declare for the NFL Draft, Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston has yet to make his decision public knowledge. The former Heisman Trophy winner is eligible to enter the draft as he is a redshirt sophomore.

Winston claimed that he was focused on baseball after the Seminoles lost to the Oregon Ducks during the college playoff semifinal on Friday. Winston plays outfield and is a relief pitcher for the Seminoles and playing another baseball season would all-but squash his preparation for April's selection process. The deadline for Winston to declare for the draft is on Jan. 15.

If Winston were to stay in school, the Eagles would likely be impacted by the move. For one, having a talented prospect off the board would limit the number of top players that could fall during the draft. Also, the Eagles may be looking for an upgrade at quarterback and losing the chance on Winston would greatly diminish the team's options for premium talent. There is also the fact that Winston and Oregon's Marcus Mariota are largely seen as the top two passing prospects and if the former stays, the chances of landing the latter dwindle mightily.

The Buccaneers own the No. 1 pick in this year's draft and are "extremely impressed" with Winston, according to's Gil Arcia. In a scenario where the Buccaneers take Winston and the Titans pass on Mariota, the Eagles could possibly have more options than previously discussed. However, Arcia notes that Tampa Bay is unsure if the passer will go to the NFL.

[UPDATE, 3:36 PM ET] Winston's father told ESPN that his son will announce his decision after the National Championship game which is on Monday.