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Eagles News: Should the Eagles extend Nick Foles?

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/6/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

The Downside - Iggles Blitz
Kelly had to build a roster at Oregon and he obviously did a great job of that. But finding and developing college players isn’t the same thing as NFL roster building. College players can be "good enough" and you can still win a lot. In the NFL, everyone has access to great talent. Building an elite roster in the NFL takes hard work, skill and some luck. How different is Seattle if Russell Wilson doesn’t last to their 3rd round pick? How different is New England if Tom Brady doesn’t last to pick 199?

Q&A on the Kelly-Roseman power struggle and aftermath - Inquirer
The Smith question has to be the one I get asked the most. If I knew for certain, I’d report it. There are only a handful of people in the draft room when that decision is made, and aside from having either Kelly or Roseman tell me (which is unlikely at this point), there is no definitive answer. One person typically doesn’t get to make that pick alone. There’s generally a consensus. But from what I understand, it played out the way it appeared. The Eagles had six prospects they targeted at No. 22. When all six were picked before their turn, they traded back to No. 26. They had another opportunity to trade back again, but fearing that Smith wouldn’t be available in the early second round, they pressed a need and drafted the outside linebacker. Roseman was likely on board with addressing a priority position, but Kelly had limited the board so much because of culture and scheme fits, the Eagles had only so many names remaining at that point.

An Eagles Slant To the Wild Card Round - Birds 24/7
I think the idea of moving on from LeSean McCoy this offseason seems even sillier now than it did a few days ago. The Steelers were forced to play the Ravens without Le'Veon Bell, and while they hit on some big plays in the passing game, they averaged 3.6 YPC and did not have a carry from a running back that gained more than 8 yards. The Eagles simply do not have a lot of alternatives to McCoy. They're not going to roll with an aging Darren Sproles or an often-injured Chris Polk. The idea that running backs are a dime a dozen or that McCoy is replaceable is silly. The Eagles are a run-first spread offense, and without a prolific tailback, the operation suffers. The draft is said to be loaded at RB, so maybe Chip Kelly adds some young talent, but the guess here is McCoy is staying put.

Chip Kelly, Howie Roseman shakeup a bad idea - CSN Philly
It will be interesting to see where Kelly lands -- safely and comfortably, cushioned by accolades and attaboys like Belichick and Carroll, or something much rougher and more painful, like Shanahan. Proponents of the move will no doubt point out that Kelly has been tasked to find and hire a new executive to replace Tom Gamble. If this is about requisite checks and balances -- and it is -- then those advocating on behalf of Kelly’s ascension would argue that bringing in a new front office mind should assuage any fear. Except that leap of logic depends on believing that Kelly will hire someone who will engage inhealthy debate and speak truth to the only power in the organization that matters now.

End of Season Review and Analysis of Running Backs - EaglesPostGame
In his 6th season, McCoy was voted to Pro Bowl in consecutive seasons.  McCoy whom had close to the same amount of carries (312) as he had in 2013 (314), may have not reached his goals of 2,000 rushing yards or matched last year’s career season of 1,607 rushing yards but his 1,319 yards was good enough for 3rd highest in the NFL.  McCoy struggled much of the season to find consistency, where he only had two consecutive games where he went over the 100 yard mark (weeks 12/13).  Considering what McCoy had to deal with this season it is remarkable that he even reached 1,319 yards. The one element of his game that was disappointing, was his fumbles (3).

Here’s why the Eagles should extend Nick Foles - The 700 Level
For now anyway, Foles probably isn’t going anywhere. With one year remaining on his contract, he’s the Eagles’ likely starting quarterback for 2015, if for no other reason than the apparent lack of viable alternatives. Beyond that, who knows—and that’s the really scary part.

Examining 3rd-Down Offense From 2014 -
There are plays that stick in my head from the 2014 season, ones I thought defined areas on this football team that must be addressed. Specifically, in this case, third-and-short yardage plays that cost the Eagles a chance to win some games …

After Chris Christie's Epic Hug With Jerry Jones, Gov's Brother Blasts "Sorry Ass" Eagles Fans: Gothamist
The auspicious moment became a meme and an opportunity to recast Christie's 2016 chances. The Twitter joking was too much for Christie's brother Todd, who wrote on Facebook " Eagles fans — possibly you should worry more about the fact that your sorry ass team has never won a Super Bowl and less about who's rooting for which team."

NFL VP says Dallas should have been flagged - SB Nation
According to NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino, refs should not have picked up the critical defensive call.