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Eagles News: NFL VP of Officiating was seen on the Cowboys party bus

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/5/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Refs help Cowboys beat the Lions - BGN
Pretty crazy.

Is this the NFL ref czar on Cowboys' party bus? Irate NFL execs say yes - CBS
This is a story from last August.

Sunday Misery - Iggles Blitz
Watching Dallas win a playoff game is crushing. I mean soul-crushing. Jason Garrett is smiling. Tony Romo has that stupid grin on his face. Jerry Jones has his evil smile, although you have to wait until Chris Christie is pried off of him before you can even see it. Seeing all of that is just pure torture. We now become the biggest Green Bay fans on the face of Planet Earth. They must beat Dallas on Sunday to keep the universe in harmony.

With Kelly in command, next draft should be interesting - Inquirer
This truth is more complex than it might first sound. Now that Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has turned control of the team's player-personnel department over to Kelly, we'll learn not only what Kelly believes about the players who are eligible to be drafted this year - we'll learn what he really believes about the draft, period. Without interference from Howie Roseman or most anyone else, with his new player-personnel consigliere at his side, Kelly presumably can carry out his strategy for replenishing the Eagles' talent base. And it's worth contemplating how bold or unorthodox Kelly's approach to the draft might be, based on a lengthy interview he did last summer with Sports Illustrated's Peter King.

Lurie betting Chip pays off - Daily News
I THINK CHIP KELLY is really, really smart, one of the sharpest people I've met in sports. Eagles fans had better hope I'm right about that, because the restructuring the Eagles announced Friday, buried beneath layers of horrid corporate-speak, means their hopes and dreams are now totally riding on Kelly being not just a good coach but a transcendent, bronze-bust-in-Canton-level figure. Chip has a lot to prove and to learn to get to those heights. Bill Belichick had spent a quarter-century in the NFL, including a failed head-coaching stint in Cleveland, before he got the Patriots job and total personnel control. Yet, that is what Kelly now has, as he approaches the second anniversary of his entrance into the league.

A Season Of Learning For DE Hart -
The city of Tualatin, Oregon takes its name from the Tualatin River, which takes its name from the Tualatin Valley. A rough translation of the word Tualatin results in a number of common terms, all closely resembling "slow." Rookie defensive end Taylor Hart was born and raised in the city of Tualatin, which is bordered to the north by the plodding Tualatin River. When he left the west coast to live in Philadelphia after being drafted by the Eagles this past spring, Hart left behind Tualatin, but he didn't leave behind the slow, steady rhythm of the river.

What is Howie Roseman's future with the Eagles? - CSN Philly
Roseman never hesitated to tell writers how much he loved the scouting process. Traveling to campuses to meet with players and coaches, working the Senior Bowl and combine with his stopwatch and clipboard, and especially running the draft room. It’s tough to tell exactly how much success Roseman had evaluating players. He’s accepted the blame for moves such as Nnamdi Asomugha and Danny Watkins, but the Eagles, under his five years as GM, had three 10-win seasons and just one losing season. More good players came through than bad players. But the bottom line is the Eagles have zero playoff wins since he became general manager.

How much really changed for Chip Kelly and the Eagles? - The 700 Level
As a result of changes to the front office structure, Howie Roseman is out as general manager of the Philadelphia Eagles. Chip Kelly will now oversee the player personnel department, or another way of describing it, the head coach has full control over the team’s roster. The phrase "full control" is interesting here, because up until the so-called power struggle within the front office between Kelly and Roseman that nobody ever cared or bothered to mention up until one week ago, there didn’t seem to be a lot of confusion over who was really running the show. It was Chip.

In empowering Chip Kelly, Eagles recognize what they have -- unlike 49ers with Jim Harbaugh - Yahoo!
Lurie followed a very smart and effective NFL blueprint. If you have a great coach or a great quarterback you can win. If you have both (or something close) you can win the Super Bowl. Whatever you do, don't let one of them walk out the door, leaving the team, like the majority of franchises, endlessly searching for another great, or even competent, one.

Refs explain picking up controversial pass interference flag against Cowboys - SB Nation
Contact was deemed to be "minimal," which resulted in the change.

Rob Gronkowski Erotica Is Here and It’s... Something -
"I’ll never forget the first time I saw Gronk spike a football. It changed my life forever."

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