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Jeremy Maclin appears on Super Bowl game show and hints at how he dominated Patrick Peterson

He's not wrong.

Philadelphia wide receiver Jeremy Maclin is just one of the many Eagles players out in Arizona at the site of Super Bowl 49 this week. Maclin touched on his contract situation a little bit on Friday. On a less serious and more fun note, Maclin participated in a game show activity with SB Nation's own Dan Rubenstein. Watch the full clip of Maclin above this post. He didn't do too bad with the questions. He was one of the few football personalities that I saw to correctly answer how the United States has had more Super Bowls than Presidents.

But the most interesting question from Rubenstein came at the end of the video. Dan put Maclin on the spot and asked the following:

Dan: Which 2014 cornerback struggled the most with the one Jeremy Maclin? Which 2014 cornerback had the least impressive day against Jeremy Maclin?

Maclin: There was a few of them that struggled. … I don’t know. I respect all of my opponents. There’s a name coming to my mind that’s a very unpopular choice, probably, in Arizona

Dan: Do his initials have the same letters?

Maclin: They do. Possibly. Yes.


It's no secret that Maclin is talking about Arizona Cardinals Patrick Peterson. The former No. 5 overall pick received a contract extension worth $70 million in the summer of 2014 and is thought to be one of the better defensive backs in the game. But it's clear Maclin got the best of him when the Eagles and Cardinals played in 2014. The Eagles wide receiver went off for 187 yards and two touchdowns on 12 receptions that day. Peterson was consistently getting beat by Maclin before the cornerback was forced to leave the game early with a head injury. The Cardinals obviously got the last laugh in that game with a win over the Eagles.

But it's games like the one that Maclin had in Arizona that will make the Eagles want to keep him before he reaches free agency this offseason. Philadelphia will need to find a way to get it done or risk losing their most productive pass catcher in 2014.

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