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Which player would you steal from the 2015 Super Bowl teams?

Who would you want on the Eagles?

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During the regular season, each week we take the time at Bleeding Green Nation to scout the Eagles' opponent. Part of how we do this is by looking at the roster of Philadelphia's opponent and deciding which players the Eagles should steal if they had the chance to do so. Well, the regular season is over, but I thought it would be fun to do a Super Bowl edition of this post. So let's ask the question: which ONE player from the New England Patriots or the Seattle Seahawks would you like to see on Philadelphia's roster?

The Eagles already played the Seahawks in 2014 so we've already visited some of those options. My pick was, and still is, quarterback Russell Wilson. Here's why:

"Adding Wilson to the Eagles now would instantly solve their quarterback issue. Chip Kelly would maximize Wilson's value in an offense built to his strengths. As it's been said before, it's not that Kelly needs a dual-threat such as Wilson. But you would be incredibly foolish to suggest that Wilson's value as a runner doesn't add significant value to a team's offense.

If you're looking for some tangible evidence (as opposed to idealized hypothetical) of how dynamic Kelly's offense could be with Wilson, check out this post from ChipWagon. Look at how the threat of Wilson as a runner opens things for Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch.

I have to admit, adding Lynch would be pretty entertaining as well. Beast Mode is awesome. He's really fun to watch.

Of course, some people would rather the Eagles address DEFENSE. So obviously names like Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, and Kam Chancellor are targets. Byron Maxwell could be a realistic target for the Eagles to acquire in free agency this offseason.

The New England Patriots have some nice secondary options as well. Safety Devin McCourty and cornerback Darrelle Revis are scheduled to be free agents. The Eagles reportedly had some interest in Revis last offseason, too.

Tom Brady is also pretty OK at what he does. What made me pick Wilson over Brady is the age factor. I'm considering this pick to be a player that the Eagles get to keep for the considerable future.

Brady's favorite receiving target would be a welcome addition to the Eagles offense. Could you imagine a dynamic duo combination of Rob Gronkowski and Zach Ertz?

Getting back to the defensive theme, a pairing of Bobby Wagner and Mychal Kendricks at inside linebacker would be something to watch.

These are supposed to be the best teams in the NFL so there are no shortage of options. Who would you pick?


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