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Eagles News: Marcus Mariota draws Aaron Rodgers comparison

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/30/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

The Marshawn Lynch Encyclopedia - SB Nation
Everything there is to know about the weird, wonderful man that is Beast Mode. (BLG Note: also watch this.)

Nick Foles to the Rams doesn't make much logical sense - PhillyVoice
If the Eagles trade Foles to the Rams, it would almost certainly be an indication that they were targeting a quarterback in the draft, with the obvious player of interest being Oregon's Marcus Mariota. If you note the current draft order, the Rams are drafting 10th. The Eagles are drafting 20th. If the Eagles were to trade up from 20 to 10 at any time before the Rams were actually on the clock, they'd be doing so with no guarantee that Mariota would even still be available at the 10th pick. After all, the Buccaneers (1st overall pick), Titans (2), Redskins (5), Jets (6), and Bears (7) could all be logical landing spots for Mariota. Furthermore, you'd have to worry about teams like the Saints (13), Texans (16), and any other number of surprise teams jumping up ahead of the Eagles at 10 to grab him.

Chip Kelly Mans Up - Iggles Blitz
There is a lot of wisdom in this move. I said all along that Kelly would be looking for his version of Tom Heckert. Andy Reid hired Heckert when he was 33 going on 34 and had just enough experience. Kelly hires Marynowitz  (pronounced Man-o-witz) when he is about to turn 31 (Feb 27). Marynowitz has worked as a scouting assistant with the Dolphins and as a recruiting coordinator at UCF and Alabama. He came to the Eagles in 2012 and has worked with pro and college scouting. Kelly and Marynowitz already have a relationship. Marynowitz already knows what Kelly is looking for in terms of players and intangibles. That eliminates some of the learning curve between the two men.

Wake Up Call: Dungy Likens Mariota To Rodgers - Birds 24/7
We know that Chip Kelly has a soft spot for the Oregon signal-caller, recently likening his ability to process information to Peyton Manning‘s. Tony Dungy, meanwhile, compared Mariota to another elite signal-caller: Aaron Rodgers.  "I think Marcus has a lot of the same skill set. He has the same drive and determination. I just really think the world of him as a person. I just think he’s special," said Dungy, via "If I watched Jameis [Winston] as much, and knew as much about him, I’d probably have a similar opinion but I just think Marcus is going to be sensational in the NFL."

Can Eagles afford to keep McCoy and Maclin? - Daily News
Kelly and the Eagles have difficult decisions to make on both McCoy and Maclin. Maclin can be a free agent in March. There no doubt will be a pretty good market for an 85-catch, 1,318-yard, 10-touchdown, one-drop wideout with an outstanding work ethic and precious few diva qualities.

Marynowitz brings Eagles closer toward front office unity - CSN Philly
One former personnel man who has worked with Kelly and Marynowitz and is fond of both said there’s risk involved given the lack of time served in their respective roles, but added "they could be absolutely incredible, who knows." Understand there’s risk involved here. Despite his reputation as a rising industry star, Marynowitz is entering just his fourth season working in an NFL front office. He’s never executed a trade, never navigated a draft, never led a scouting staff or offered input on contract situations. It’s also troubling that at least six, and maybe more, candidates with more qualifications either turned down the job, were denied the opportunity to interview with Kelly or just stayed in their current place.

What to expect from Zach Ertz in Year 3 - The 700 Level
At this point, I’m not sure how much is going to change. Celek is expected to return, so he’ll continue to get the nod in many situations. And in all honesty, Ertz’s blocking and consistency—a fumble along with some key drops didn’t do him any favors—need to improve quite a bit before he’s entrusted in the role of an every-down tight end.

Strong Transition With Marynowitz -
Ed Marynowitz is the choice for the Eagles’ Vice President of Player Personnel role after an extensive external search, and he and head coach Chip Kelly now form the leadership for a football program looking to go from "good" to great" ...

Seahawks' Byron Maxwell excited to test free agency -
Asked this week if he's excited to gauge his value in free agency, Maxwell made it clear that he's willing to play for the highest bidder. "I'm the prettiest girl at the dance right now," Maxwell quipped. "But yeah, it's one of those things I'm excited about it. I would love to be here but ... I'm ready to see what's out there." Boasting ideal size (6-foot-1), sure tackling and the demonstrated ability to excel outside as well as the slot, Maxwell tops a free-agent cornerback list that includes Brandon Flowers, Antonio Cromartie and Tramon Williams.

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