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Nick Foles downplays trade rumors

Nick Foles still thinks he's the guy.

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Eagles quarterback Nick Foles was among those whom appeared on Super Bowl Radio Row on Thursday. The Texas-native attended The University of Arizona, and with Super Bowl 49 being held in Glendale, it wasn't a surprise to see him in the area. Also to no surprise, Foles was met with questions from Eagles reporters.

Trade rumors involving Foles emerged earlier this week. A report from indicated that the St. Louis Rams, along with the Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans, are interested in trading for the Eagles quarterback. Foles weighed in on the rumors, via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

""I think you're going to hear about them every single year," said Foles. "That's just part of it. I think the main word is 'rumor.' It's a rumor that you can't put too much into it. I only listen to the people at the [Eagles] facility, being Chip [Kelly]. He's the one that will make the decision."

Foles also said that he hasn't really been in touch with Kelly since the coach has been busy. Along with being responsible for hiring a new player personnel executive (who turned out to be Ed Marynowitz), Kelly has been busy attending practices at the NFLPA Bowl, the East-West Shrine game, and the Senior Bowl in order to prepare for the 2015 NFL Draft.

As noted on Monday, a Foles trade doesn't seem likely. The Eagles have no other solutions at quarterback on their roster. Matt Barkley is likely a non-factor (the team tried to trade him in August) and Mark Sanchez is going to be a free agent anyway. Foles is likely the team's 2015 starter, whether it be because they actually believe in him or because there's a complete lack of reasonable alternatives.

The good news for Foles is that he will be ready in time to play next season. Foles has successfully recovered from the fractured collarbone he suffered in Week 9 of the 2014 NFL regular season. It was that injury which caused Foles to miss the rest of the team's games. Mark Sanchez went 5-4 in his absence.

Had Sanchez and the Eagles played better and held on to their playoff spot, it's possible Foles could have returned to action.

"Looking back upon I would have been able to play if we were in the playoffs," Foles said. "If it was the first playoff game it would have been probably closer to 90 percent healed to where it was medically to the point where it would be solid enough. That would have been possibly the first time I could have played."

Foles wasn't playing all that well before he suffered the injury anyway; he led the NFL in turnovers. Combine those issues with a scorched secondary and it wasn't likely the Eagles were going to make a Super Bowl run anyway.

The Eagles' next shot to make a run will come in 2015, with Foles likely still the starter. "I expect to be back here," said Foles in his final press conference of 2014. "I expect to be the quarterback."

Foles enters the 2015 season on the last year of his rookie contract. He has a lot to play for in terms of earning a spot in the team's long-term plans.

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