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Ed Marynowitz promoted by Eagles: Do you approve of Philadelphia's new player personnel executive?

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Did Chip Kelly make the right call?

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles have a new vice president of player personnel after promoting Ed Marynowitz to the position on Thursday morning. Marynowitz will serve as Chip Kelly's right hand man when it comes to overseeing the Eagles player personnel department. He will also be the go-between when it comes to Kelly and executive vice president of football operations, former general manager, Howie Roseman.

There is reason to believe Marynowitz was a strong hire by Kelly. For one, he's an internal promotion so he already know how the organization works. There's obviously a strong level of familiarity. Marynowitz has also drawn high praise from around the league as a rising star for his work in the player personnel department. He was a strong recruiter at Alabama. During his run as director of player personnel for the Crimson Tide from 2008-11, Marynowitz helped Alabama finish with the No. 1 recruiting class three years in a row.

Of course, there are concerns as well. Marynowitz is only 31, and he's only been in the NFL since being hired by Roseman in 2012. Kelly and Marynowitz only have a combined five years worth of NFL experience. They are both the Eagles highest ranking personnel executives.

Then again, as Dave Mangels points out, the Eagles do still employ several seasoned front office executives. Director of pro personnel Rick Mueller has experience going back to the early 1990s. Senior football advisor Tom Donahoe used to be the general manager of the Buffalo Bills and the Pittsburgh Steelers. It's not as if the entire Eagles front office lacks experience.

At this point it's hard to get a good feeling on how things will play out. It's really a wait-and-see type situation considering Kelly and Marynowitz aren't exactly proven. With that said, the Eagles probably could have done worse (see: Chris Polian).

For curiosity's sake, let's gauge how Eagles fans are feeling about this promotion. Vote in the poll below.