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Eagles News: Arguing about Terrell Owens' legacy

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/29/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

A list of free agents who make sense for the Eagles - PhillyVoice
Bad safety play in the NFL has become an epidemic in recent years. There isn't much available at the position in free agency, because, well, there aren't many good safeties in the league... period. Searcy is a solid starting safety who would likely be an immediate upgrade over Nate Allen. Searcy had three picks and two forced fumbles in 2014.

Looking for Mr. Goodbar - Iggles Blitz
I have no problem with Grier. He has worked for the Dolphins and Patriots. Grier has been in the league for a couple of decades so he knows his way around. I can’t tell you that he’s got a set philosophy on how to build a team or anything like that, but I do know that he’s been around smart football guys like Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick and Jeff Ireland over the years. They know about drafting players, signing free agents and building up a roster.

A Health Update On Some Key Eagles - Birds 24/7
From what Ryans has gathered, there's no rhyme or reason as to why he has suffered two Achilles ruptures in his NFL career. "Most of the time if somebody tears one, you normally don't see the other one tear. It was kind of a little spooky, kind of freak accident that [the doctor] said he had never seen before," he said. Ryans was off the crutches and the scooter by the time the season wrapped. He says that the rehab process is following a similar trajectory as the first time around, and expects to make a full recovery once again. "Oh yeah. I'll be fine."

Do the Eagles need to draft another wide receiver? - The 700 Level
Between the hopeful re-signing of Jeremy Maclin and the second- and third-round picks invested in Jordan Matthews and Josh Huff last year, the Philadelphia Eagles appear to be somewhat set at wide receiver. Throw in another year of Riley Cooper, who is serviceable in his role, and there really aren’t enough balls to go around. Of course, there’s a good chance Cooper is going to be gone next season—too much money for too little production. Huff only had eight receptions as a rookie, so it’s too soon to pencil him into a larger role in the offense. And the fact of the matter is until Maclin has a long-term contract with the Eagles, there’s no telling what the future holds for the Pro Bowler. Even if everything works out with Maclin, Huff and Matthews and that trio becomes the Birds’ core wide receivers for years to come, what if one of them is injured? Who will be left to step in and fill the void? Jeff Maehl?

Reuben Frank and T.O. Argued Over T.O.’s Legacy on Twitter - Crossing Broad
Last night on Twitter, Reuben Frank and T.O. got into it a little bit on Twitter. It makes sense. Neither man is really too busy during these cold winter months, but Roob still seems like he got a little too fired up (I can just hear him yelling "It could have been you, TO. It should have been you" with tears in his eyes). T.O. just laughs it off, but Roob doesn’t let that slide. He probably just looked at how long it’s been since anything of importance has happened with the Eagles and decided "No, T.O., this is not okay." Really, they’re both just being dumb.

Where Are They Now? QB Roman Gabriel -
Granted, they weren’t exactly shooting off flare guns, but the Eagles definitely needed to be rescued following the 1972 season. Managing to find the end zone just 12 times, Philadelphia finished the year with a 2-12 record. Poor results had become commonplace considering that over the previous four seasons, the team won only 15 out of 56 games. The owner, Leonard Tose, hired Mike McCormack as the new head coach and headed west looking for someone to help McCormack turn things around. That someone would be the Los Angeles Rams’ 11-year veteran quarterback Roman Gabriel.

Kickers Are Forever | FiveThirtyEight
For all the talk of West Coast offenses, the invention of the pro formation, the wildcat, 5-wide sets, the rise of the pass-catching tight-end, Bill Walsh, the Greatest Show On Turf, and the general recognition that passing, passing and more passing is the best way to score in football, half the improvement in scoring in the past 50-plus years of NFL history has come solely from field-goal kickers kicking more accurately.

Breaking Madden, the Super Bowl - SB Nation
There are eight stars on the NFL's logo. They stand for the long-term mental and physical trauma of its own people, the eagerness to lie about that trauma, the stubborn refusal to offer the assistance they deserve, the unmistakable contempt of women, the proud defense of a racial slur, the weird financial paradise of a for-profit disguised as a non-profit, the $168.57 a schoolteacher spends on his own supplies for his second-grade class because Roger needs tax money to pour some more concrete by the waterfront, and probably the Dallas Cowboys. It's the uncommon ethical catastrophe that possesses both the gall and the organization to trademark itself. That is one Hell of a self-important way of beginning a piece full of dumb GIF slapstick, but even if Breaking Madden can't and doesn't say anything important, I can't allow it to be a celebration of the NFL, especially not this year. I really wish it could be, or rather, 10-year-old me wishes it could be. Santa brought me Madden '93 that year. Did you ever play that one? Do you remember the ambulance?

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