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Eagles block 49ers from interviewing Bob Bicknell for OC job

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The Eagles are trying to keep their staff together.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like the Eagles won't be losing their wide receivers coach this offseason. According to Matt Barrows of The Sacramento Bee, Philadelphia has blocked San Francisco's attempts to interview Eagles wide receiver coach Bob Bicknell for the 49ers offensive coordinator position. Reports of the 49ers interest in Bicknell surfaced on Tuesday evening.

NFL teams are allowed to block interviews unless a candidate is being offered a head coaching job. Under Chip Kelly, it hasn't been in the Eagles nature to deny interview requests. In his final press conference of the 2014 season, Kelly talked about the possibility of losing assistant coaches.

"There are some things you don't have control over in terms of -- I'm never going to stand in a coach's way when they have an opportunity to kind of get what they consider a better job," Kelly said. "It's really their decision, not my decision. I'll weigh in on it if they want me to give advice.  But I would anticipate as openings happen around the league and there could be openings in college where people want to go to a college job. But that's always done on an individual basis and you never know.  [...] So we'll cross that bridge if it happens, but I would anticipate it. We do have some really good coaches here, so I’m hopeful that we can keep everybody together."

As you can see, it's a little curious that Kelly would block the Bicknell interview after saying that he's not going to stand in a coach's way. Then again, Eagles quarterback coach Bill Musgrave was recently hired away by the Oakland Raiders as an offensive coordinator. It would be understandable that Kelly didn't want to lose another member of his coaching staff, especially if he doesn't have a replacement lined up.

With Bicknell staying in Philadelphia, it looks like the Eagles coaching staff is set for now. The team officially announced some changes last week.

UPDATE: Geoff Mosher notes it's Bicknell who wants to stay.