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Eagles were one of the most heavily fined NFL teams in 2014

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Several Eagles players received fines last season.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report from the Indianapolis Star, the Eagles were one of the top 10 most heavily fined teams in 2014. The total amount that Philadelphia players were fined equaled $1.24 million, which ranked as the seventh most by in the NFL. Number one was the Indianapolis Colts at $4.02 million.

The bulk of the Eagles' fine number comes from the suspension of right tackle Lane Johnson. The second year player tested positive for PEDS in the summer and was consequently banned for the first four weeks of the 2014 season. Johnson's fine equated to $1,061,664, which was actually about 81% of his base salary. It's safe to safe Johnson won't want to make the same mistake again.

Others Eagles players earning fines include:

• Linebacker Jake Knott (four game suspension) - $117,411

• Defensive end Fletcher Cox (roughing the passer, Week 1) - $16,537 - 1.25% of base salary

• Offensive tackle Jason Peters (unsportsmanlike conduct, Week 3) - $10,000 - 0.57% of base salary

• Outside linebacker Trent Cole (roughing the passer, Week 8) - $22,050 - 0.44% of base salary

• Safety Malcolm Jenkins (face mask, Week 17) - $8,268 - 0.83% of base salary

According to the NFL, this fine money is put to good use:

"All on-field fine money collected by the NFL is used for charitable purposes.  These funds have been used to support retired player programs, including the NFL Player Care Foundation and NFLPA Players Assistance Trust; disaster relief initiatives; and health-related charities."