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Eagles News: Where are the 2004 Super Bowl starters now?

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/26/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Handing out 10 awards from the Pro Bowl - PhillyVoice
Last year, Nick Foles was the MVP of the Pro Bowl, which by my calculation makes him the best player in the Universe for a year. Foles will be remembered in the annals of Pro Bowl MVP lore alongside football legends like Kyle Rudolph, DeAngelo Hall, Matt Schaub, and Marc Bulger.

Closing in on Chris Polian? - Iggles Blitz
Polian is not my preferred choice for the job, but there is a case to be made for him. First, he certainly has the experience. He began working in the NFL in 1994. Obviously Polian got into the league because of his dad, but he stayed for 20 years. Chris was fired by Indy after the 2011 season. He was then hired by the Falcons for the 2012 season. Longtime friend Dave Caldwell got the GM job in Jacksonville in 2013 and brought Polian along to be his Pro Personnel Director. Chris worked with some really smart, really successful people. Guys like Dom Anile, Tom Telesco, Dave Caldwell, Tom Gamble and Thomas Dimitroff are all excellent personnel evaluators with strong track records.

Fan-Demonium: The Making Of A Special Unit -
Last offseason, Kelly was even more aggressive with adding talent to the special teams units. He brought in Chris Maragos and Bryan Braman to add depth on defense, but to also give a major boost to the coverage units. The Eagles traded for Darren Sproles to help out the return game. Josh Huff was drafted, in part because he could return kicks and help with coverage. Defensive backs Jaylen Watkins and Ed Reynolds II were both drafted with the idea they could help on special teams. Trey Burton was signed as an undrafted free agent because he had outstanding special teams potential.

The 2004 Eagles’ Super Bowl Starters, Then and Now - PhillyMag
The dream, of course, turned into a nightmare in the actual Super Bowl, as the Birds came up just short against Tom Brady and the Patriots. But the season, bad ending and all, remains a fond memory for fans. As we approach the anniversary of that Super Bowl team, we got to wondering just what the Eagles who played in Super Bowl XXXIX are doing now.

McCoy On Mariota: ‘We Want To Win Now’ - Birds 24/7
During a recent appearance on NFL Network, LeSean McCoy was asked what’d be going through his head if the Eagles mortgaged their future to trade up and land QB Marcus Mariota. "I’m not sure," McCoy said. "Because the thing is, we want to win now. I think we have the right players in the locker room to win. Knowing how coach [Chip] Kelly thinks, he wants to win at all costs. So, you never know. He’s a good quarterback, but I think we have a good quarterback with Nick [Foles]. That’s something that we have to wait and see. That’s not my call. I think every situation is different. Some of those other teams like the Redskins, they gave up everything to get RG3. And if things don’t work out like you plan, then what? Who is to blame? There are a lot of questions going into those types of situations where you want to give up a whole draft for just one player."

Delaware's Nick Boyle showcases Brent Celek-like talent - CSN Philly
The 6-foot-6, 270-pound North Jersey native is the rare college tight end who specialized in in-line blocking and also has reliable hands. "I think he’s having a good camp," Mayock gushed earlier in the week. "I watched him on tape. There’s not enough in-line blocking tight ends in the NFL. College doesn’t produce those guys anymore. "If he comes here and can dominate in the run game and show that he can at least get short-to-intermediate pass routes he’s going to help himself."

In alternate universe, Eagles prepare for Super Bowl - Inquirer
BIZARRO VALLEY, Ariz. - Well, here we are (how's that weather back home?), but even now it's still a little hard to believe that Chip Kelly, in just his second season as head coach of an Eagles team that finished 4-12 two years ago, was able to lead the team all the way to Super Bowl XLIX and a matchup next Sunday against those cheating New England Patriots. Strange but true and it's worth reflecting on the fact that none of this had to happen and, to be honest, the magical ride was almost derailed in the final weeks of the regular season.

Report: Josh Gordon fails another substance abuse test, faces 1-year suspension - SB Nation
The Browns wideout is back in trouble.

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