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Eagles News: Howie Roseman's role is unclear

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/25/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Twitter explodes as Belichick talks balls, science, and 'My Cousin Vinny' - PhillyVoice
When Bill Belichick called an impromptu press conference Saturday to further discuss what has now become known as "Deflategate," people all over the country tuned in to hear what the Patriots coach had to say. Naturally, those people then took to twitter to parse every word and, more specifically, mock every reference to "balls." What people weren't expecting was a science lesson. Here's a look at some of the best reactions.

More On Day - Iggles Blitz
It is absolutely fair to be skeptical of this hire. BC isn’t known for great QB play. But Chip is too smart to make a move without there being good logic behind it. I’ll offer up some thoughts on what he might be thinking. First, Chip does have a relationship with Day and it must be a good one. Chip coached him and then worked with Day for a year at New Hampshire. This isn’t about friendship. Chip spent 5 years coaching/working closely with him and obviously thinks highly of Day. He knows what kind of a person Day is and how committed he can be to doing what it takes to being successful. Plus, who better to teach Chip’s QBs than a man who was taught by Chip?

Eagles and Giants among teams showing interest in New Hampshire center Mike Coccia, sources say -
While NFL coaches and executives have focused their attention this week on the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., University of New Hampshire center Mike Coccia is among the small school prospects who has been generating buzz from several teams as the pre-draft process gets underway. Coccia, a Bethlehem, Pa. native appears to be on the radar of the Eagles, Giants and Kansas City Chiefs according to multiple league sources.

Sproles sees Pro Bowl appearance as validation - Inquirer
Darren Sproles started practice with a video camera strapped to his chest on Friday. Midway through the session, the Eagles running back wanted to take it off. Never mind that he was practicing for the Pro Bowl, an exhibition in which the only football activity less intense than the game are the practices leading up to it. Sproles wanted to be at his best; to approach practice any other way would go against what made Sproles a Pro Bowler in the first place. Sproles said on Saturday that he has only "one speed," and Eagles coach Chip Kelly has called Sproles the "best training or practice player I've ever been around.

Inside the Eagles: Agents unsure what Roseman's role is - Inquirer
Five years later at the Senior Bowl, the only thing conspicuous about Roseman was his absence. It wasn't just that he skipped one of the pivotal events on the NFL offseason calendar, it was the questioning of his role on the Eagles by many league insiders after Chip Kelly recently prevailed in a power struggle. What exactly does he do now?

Marcus Mariota drama is excellent entertainment - CSN Philly
This is too good. It’s too much fun. It’s never-ending nonsense, sure, but everyone has a hot take and everyone likes to scream really loud about it and it’s still only January. By mid-February the entire town will be reduced to a giant slobber stain on the sidewalk. You want Marcus Mariota. You don’t want Marcus Mariota. He will solve all the Eagles' problems. He won’t solve anything. You’re an idiot if you think he’s the answer. You’re an idiot if you think he isn’t. Who you calling an idiot? And what did you say about my momma?

Kelce's View: Eagles Closing In -
SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- Jason Kelce sees it all from the unique perspective of his center position. A young veteran who is one of the Eagles' leaders, Kelce thinks this football team is a step here, a move there away from being among the NFL's elite ...

Create your own strong DeflateGate take - SB Nation
The sports world has been literally on fire with strong takes. Learn how to make your own take below!

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