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Eagles News: Players like that Chip Kelly is in charge

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/24/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Who were the Eagles' favorite players growing up? - PhillyVoice
Jaylen Watkins: Donovan McNabb. I wasn’t an Eagles fan, but I was a McNabb fan. When I was younger I played quarterback in Pop Warner, and he was the first scrambling quarterback that I paid attention to. I had McNabb jerseys when I was little, and always wanted to be like him. I didn’t even like when people called me Vick. I was anti-Vick. It was because I didn’t like lefty quarterbacks, and McNabb was right-handed. I didn’t know of any other good right handed scrambling quarterbacks.

Didinger: Ten Years Ago, A Glorious Win -
It is hard to believe it is 10 years. A decade has passed since the Eagles won their last NFC Championship, defeating Atlanta, 27-10, in a frigid Lincoln Financial Field. Ten years. It hardly seems possible. What I remember most is the week leading up to the game, the feeling of dread that gripped the city. This was the fourth consecutive year the Eagles had advanced to the conference championship game and, of course, the previous three ended in heartbreak.

Senior Bowl Wrap: Five Names To Know - Birds 24/7
Orchard had 38.5 tackles for loss, eight forced fumbles and 10 pass break-ups during his college career. In Mobile, he had a meeting with the Eagles. "It was good. Chip Kelly was there. It felt intense," he said. "But got a lot out of it." Why was it intense? "It’s Chip Kelly, c’mon. He’s the head coach of the Eagles. His presence."

Chip Kelly Update: of Eagles, Changes and Rumors of Change - Fishduck
Given all these interconnections, I think the only fair thing for the NFL to do is award Marcus Mariota to the Eagles, since Chip was never recompensed for USC’s sins. Maybe punish New England too, somehow, I don’t really care.

Pass-rusher an underrated need for Eagles in 2015 - The 700 Level
One year later, the hand-wringing over outside linebacker seems silly. Cole is old and probably shouldn’t be the starter anymore, but is probably willing to restructure his contract. Graham enjoyed a career year with 5.5 sacks and four forced fumble in a situational role and should probably be extended and elevated to starter. And Barwin, of course, exploded, earning his first ever trip to the Pro Bowl. Smith didn’t play much as a rookie, but is in the mix. Heck, Philadelphia finished tied for second in the NFL with 49 sacks in 2014, largely on the strength of the outside linebacker position. So, I guess we’re done here, right?

To Eagles' players, putting Chip Kelly in control makes sense - CSN Philly
To outsiders, the news that Chip Kelly — a novice NFL head coach who’s never won a playoff game and had no NFL experience in any capacity before joining the Eagles two years ago this week — had been given full control of all roster decisions seemed crazy. Giving any NFL head coach full control of personnel is rare. A coach with just two years in the NFL being granted final say over all roster moves … that is unprecedented. To the Eagles’ players? It makes perfect sense.

Senior Bowl QBs: Long way to go - Inquirer
BARRING INJURY or some unforeseen off-the-field incident, Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston will be the first two quarterbacks taken in the draft this spring, possibly first and second picks overall. The biggest quarterback question right now is, who will be No. 3? NFL scouts acknowledge there is a considerable dropoff after Mariota and Winston. Nothing that has happened at this week's Senior Bowl practices has changed that.

The man who holds the Patriots defense together - SB Nation
They don't have a fun nickname, but the Patriots also have one of the league's best secondaries thanks to safety Devin McCourty, the linchpin of the group.

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