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Are the Eagles really considering a Nick Foles trade?

The newest edition of BGN Radio is here! (Episode #80) - This episode focuses on a number of Eagles offseason topics.

Welcome to the newest edition of BGN Radio!

BGN Radio is Bleeding Green Nation's regularly scheduled podcast. Each week some combination of Brandon Lee Gowton, Mike Kaye, James Seltzer, Patrick Wall, Dan Klausner, Matt Dering and host John Barchard will be here to talk about your beloved Philadelphia Eagles.

This episode focuses on some Eagles offseason topics. This episode was brought to you by Dunkin Philly.

• Episode #80 Crew: John Barchard, Mike Kaye


• We welcome back and Bleacher Report’s Jeff Risdon to get his thoughts on the Senior Bowl practices...

Is there really anything that scouts get out of guys getting weighed and measured in their underwear?

There are a few guys changing positions. How fast are they adapting to that?

Talking about the QBs and the rumor mill: Are the Eagles trying to establish the trade value of Nick Foles at the Senior Bowl?

Risdon: "I don’t think there’s much question that he’s not going to be the quarterback going forward. If they’re trying to drum up interest, they’re doing a good job of it."

What would be a return for Nick Foles? If the Eagles go all-in for Marcus Mariota, would Foles want to stay?

Chip Kelly & Bill O’Brien were making fun of someone’s scouting process... any guesses on which team?

• Interviews with Minnesota tight end Maxx Williams and Syracuse offensive tackle Sean Hickey to see what they are doing to get ready for the 2015 NFL Draft

Jeremy Maclin Tweets out that he’s not cutting his hair until he gets a new contract: Over/under how many inches will his hair grow before that happens?

• Looking at the Senior Bowl roster and going over some guys worth keeping an eye on:

WR/CB Tony Lippett, Michigan State

CB Ladarius Gunter, Miami

CB Josh Shaw, USC

S/CB Eric Rowe, Utah

• Thoughts on new Eagles QB coach Ryan Day, Tom Gamble back to SF?

• Final thoughts and more!

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