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Philadelphia Eagles were NFC Champions 10 years ago from today

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Time flies.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

"The Philadelphia Eagles are headed to the Super Bowl."

10 years ago from today, those words were true. Back on January 23, 2005, the Eagles defeated Michael Vick's Atlanta Falcons by a final score of 27-10 in the NFC Championship Game. Quarterback Donovan McNabb hoisted the George Halas trophy above his head in front of the home crowd at Lincoln Financial Field. Head coach Andy Reid and an injured Terrell Owens were among those who stood beside him.

The fourth year was the charm. The Eagles finally got over the hump. The frustration of losing three consecutive NFC Championship Games was washed away when Brian Dawkins belted out "HALLELUJAH!"

Looking back, the memory is obviously bittersweet. The Eagles second-ever trip to the Super Bowl ended up like their first appearance: with a loss. Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the New England Patriots crushed Philadelphia's dream of winning the title in Super Bowl XXXIX.

Since 10 years ago, the Eagles have only made it back to the NFC Championship Game once: a loss to the Arizona Cardinals in the 2008 playoffs. They are 3-6 in nine playoff games since winning their last NFC Championship crown.

One of those playoff losses came last year when the Eagles were defeated by the New Orleans Saints in the Wild Card round. The Eagles were in prime position to make the playoffs in 2014 but blew three games down the stretch.

With each passing year, Philadelphia is a little more removed from their last trip to the post-season finale. It's already hard to believe it's been 10 years. You can't help but wonder: what's it going to take to get back? And when?