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NFL Bad Lip Reading Video features Chip Kelly

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The silliness continues...

NFL Bad Lip Reading is back. The YouTube channel released their annual NFL video on Thursday morning which features a collection of various football players and coaches being made to look like they're saying silly things. The people who makes these video do a pretty good job with them, so watch the video above this post for some laughs.

Since this is a Philadelphia Eagles blog, it's only right that I highlight appearances made by Eagles players/coaches. This year we have:

Tostito's commercial star Head coach Chip Kelly saying the word "duck" at 0:50 (You can't escape Oregon Bias)

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo facing the Eagles defense at 2:20 ("Not ready - I'm gonna die" pretty much sums up how Romo looked against the Eagles on Thanksgiving.)

• Chip Kelly trying to get someone's attention at 3:11

... and that's it, really.

No actual Eagles players in this version unlike last year's edition, when there quite a few. Bummer.