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Mel Kiper re-grades Eagles 2014 NFL Draft Picks

Mel Kiper takes a moment away from 2015 draft analysis to provide us with new grades for 2014 draft classes. Here is what he had to say about the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Each year, ESPN NFL Draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. releases draft grades immediately after the NFL Draft. A year later, he reviews and adjusts those grades given how the former draft prospects performed in their rookie year.

Kiper's original grade for the Eagles 2014 NFL Draft class was a +B. In his re-grade, Kiper gave the Eagles... a C+. So he knocked it down an entire letter grade. Eagles fans might not be too surprised about that.

Kiper's explanation (via In$ider)

"Post-draft grade: B+

Summary: The Eagles did add some early impact, but I thought Marcus Smith was a reach in Round 1, and I think they might agree at this point. Hey, everyone needed pass-rushers and there just weren't many to be found. But Smith was my No. 85-ranked player going into the draft, and I think the Eagles felt like trading down and adding a little value might have justified the reach. In the end, it was a total redshirt for Smith, who never saw the field.

In the second round, Philly almost made up for it. I wrote then, "I thought Jordan Matthews would have made sense at No. 22, much less 42. (If you take Matthews early, Smith late, it works, so no harm, no foul on value.) I love that pick." Matthews really is a stud, a first-rounder in my mind. But it's hard to call it a great swap now, because Smith is still a total mystery, and other teams found WRs in Round 2. Elsewhere, Josh Huff offers WR depth and -- well, that's about it, save for a nice undrafted steal in kicker Cody Parkey, who was absolutely fantastic. I liked this draft in May a lot more than I like it now, because an OLB was a need and Smith is a mystery. Hopefully, it gets better.

New grade: C+"

For what it's worth, only four NFL teams finished with a worse re-grade than C+.

The fact that the Eagles first round pick didn't really contribute obviously knocks the grade down. Smith wasn't a "total redshirt" -- he did play 105 snaps! -- but in terms of impact he was virtually invisible on the field.

I wrote about the Eagles 2014 draft class earlier on Thursday. When I looked back at my original expectations for the picks, I found that most of the rookies performed where I expected them to be. As I stated earlier, this could be a draft class that doesn't provide much immediate impact but offers some promise down the road.

As for re-grading goes, 58% of BGN voters gave the Eagles 2014 draft class a B or B+ back in May. How would you grade it now?

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