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Chip Kelly will mortgage Eagles future to get Marcus Mariota, says AFC scout

Even more Mariota talk.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Are you getting tired of all the Marcus Mariota talk? We didn't think so! The latest on the Oregon Ducks quarterback comes from an article quoting a league source.

"All these teams high in the draft are all going to see the same things on tape with Mariota, and I'll bet he starts to fall on draft day. Once that happens, (Philadelphia Eagles coach) Chip (Kelly) will mortgage the future to go get him. If he misses on him, (Kelly) can just bolt back to college." -- AFC scout."

We already discussed the possibility of Mariota sliding in the draft earlier today on Wednesday. And it was only yesterday on Tuesday when reported that the Eagles are "going to try" to get Mariota.

The truth is that no one outside of the Eagles really knows their draft plans. The 2015 NFL Draft is still so far away and lots of things can change. Then there's the fact that the Eagles don't even have a GM yet.

While it's interesting to see that this AFC scout seems so confident that the Eagles are going to move up, he's probably not privy to the Eagles plans.

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