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NFL Rumors: Eagles love Brett Hundley, Titans and Texans interested in Nick Foles trade?

Charlie Campbell from Walter Football is in Mobile for the Senior Bowl, and he's passing along some rumors about the Philadelphia Eagles. Are they believable?

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Our friends over at SB Nation Houston Texans' site Battle Red Blog alerted me to some rumors (key word: rumors) that are supposedly being tossed around at this year's Senior Bowl. These rumors originate from Walter Football's Charlie Campbell, so, as with any rumor, they should be taken with a big grain of salt. Let's talk about them.

Eagles are hot for Brett Hundley

"For months, there has been speculation that Philadelphia wants to trade to get Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota and reunite him with Chip Kelly. However, there are rumors going around that the Eagles love UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley. From an athletic skill set perspective, it makes all the sense in the world, as Hundley is a great athlete with mobility to hurt defenses with his feet. He also has a strong enough arm to disrupt the ball throughout the field. The rumor mill is saying that the Eagles are hot for Hundley and would target him much earlier than other teams, as in he could be in play for their first- or second-round pick.

Other teams are not fans of Hundley. In fact, we've spoken with multiple teams that have graded him out on the third day of the draft. However, those teams feel that the team that loves Hundley enough to draft him could do it in the second round. Perhaps the Eagles will shock those teams by taking Hundley even higher than they expect."

The great Tommy Lawlor of Iggles Blitz gave his thoughts on this Hundley rumor earlier in the week. He noted how E.J. Manuel wasn't nearly as good as Hundley is now and was still drafted in the mid-first. Of course, that hasn't exactly worked out too well for the Buffalo Bills considering Manuel was benched in-season and replaced by Kyle Orton in 2014.

The 6-3 redshirt junior finished his UCLA career with 67.4% of his passes completed for 9966 yards, 75 touchdowns, and 25 interceptions in 40 games played. He also rushed for 30 scores on 1747 yards.

Hundley has the whole PAC-12 bias going for him, but he never actually went up against Kelly's Oregon Ducks in 2012. Hundley also isn't at the Senior Bowl this week because he decided to decline the invitation.

The knock on Hundley isn't about his physical potential. It's whether he can succeed with the mental aspect of the quarterback position in the NFL. Perhaps the Eagles feel they can work with his physical tools and develop him behind Nick Foles.

Speaking of the Eagles quarterback...

Nick Foles on the move?

"If the Eagles decide to target a quarterback early in the draft, they could have a valuable trade commodity in signal-caller Nick Foles. The Texans and Titans would both have an interest in Foles if he were made available. If Peyton Manning decides to retire, the Broncos would also be a team that would look into acquiring Foles. Denver liked Foles when it drafted Brock Osweiler. If the Eagles wanted to trade up for Marcus Mariota, they could deal Foles to get more ammo with picks to move up, or include Foles in the package."

The Texans, Titans, and Broncos (depending on the status of Peyton Manning) could certainly be in the market for a quarterback. But the Eagles probably aren't in a rush to move Foles. He's the only proven option on their roster currently under contract. A Foles trade would also mean that the Eagles would be selling low given how the third-year quarterback struggled in 2014. A team trading for Foles would risk losing him after the 2015 season due to the fact his rookie contract is set to expire. The Eagles probably can't get an offer that would be worth their time, even if they did want to trade him.


Likelihood: 2/10

The Hundley thing may turn out to be true, but at this point in the draft process it's really impossible to tell. There are 99 days until the 2015 NFL Draft. Maybe the Eagles like Hundley, maybe they don't.

As for the Foles trade thing, I'm always of the belief that any player can be had at the right price. But it doesn't seem likely that the Eagles will be offered a deal that's worth it for them. He's most likely going to be their starter in 2015. And even if the Eagles do draft a rookie quarterback, there's really no rush to get rid of him.

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