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Does anyone want to be the Eagles GM? And can you blame them? My column:

What's going on with the Eagles GM search?

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The Philadelphia Eagles still don't have a general manager. They haven't had one since the team "promoted" Howie Roseman and gave head coach Chip Kelly control over the player personnel department on the second day of 2015. The search has gone on for nearly three weeks now and, while there's been no shortage of rumored candidates, it doesn't seem like the Birds are making much progress on finding a new personnel executive.

So what's the deal? Some thoughts:

• "No one wants the job!" OK, that seems pretty ridiculous. Sure, it may not be a real GM job (heck, we don't even know if the position will actually be called 'general manager') in the sense that the executive will have to report to Chip Kelly, but it's still a title that comes with (some) power and a big pay check.

• I don't mean to be totally dismissive of potential concerns; those definitely exist. For example, it might be hard to lure executives away from other organizations if they're not actually being promoted. CSN Philly's Geoff Mosher also noted some concerns about the longevity of Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman. Apparently some candidates might be worried that Kelly would return to college. Those worries seem silly considering Kelly's commitment and success at the NFL level so far. But if Kelly somehow isn't with the team in the future, a candidate might have to worry if Roseman would try to return to the player personnel department. These concerns seem like they're too deeply rooted in hypothetical. There's never going to be a risk-free job.

• "Does it even matter who the Eagles hire? Kelly has all the power anyway." Fair question, but based on Kelly's history I don't think he just wants to hire a "yes man." This isn't a guy who thinks he's smarter than everyone. Kelly is always looking to learn. For example, he's developed a secret network of college professors around the United States that he relies on for insight from an academic perspective. Kelly obviously knows a lot about football so he'll be in a position to trust his own opinions. But I don't think that means he thinks he knows everything. There are obviously areas in scouting and player management (trades, etc.) where he probably realizes he needs to defer to someone else.

• Has any one (other than Noah Becker) noticed that both of the teams in this year's Super Bowl are set up similarly to the Eagles' new power structure? John Schneider is Pete Carroll's hand-picked GM of the Seattle Seahawks. Bill Belichick is the guy up in New England and has been for a long time. As Dave Mangels pointed out, there are a number of cases where the head coach having all the power hasn't worked out. But let's not pretend like it can't work.

• Speaking of the Patriots and Seahawks, it seems possible that Philadelphia has wanted to interview candidates from their organizations but hasn't been able to do so due to their playoff runs. Jeff McLane reported that the Eagles are now able to request permission from those organizations, so perhaps Philadelphia will try contacting Scott Fitterer.

• Relax. This Eagles GM search can't help but remind me of the Eagles coaching search back in 2013 where the process was perceived to be taking a long time and everyone (fans and media alike!) was getting anxious. It was during that time where Jason La Canfora wrote an article about the Eagles' coaching situation and teased it with the following tweet: "Does anyone want to coach for Howie Roseman? And can you blame them? My take on the state of the Eagles:". Hence, the inspiration for the title of this post. It's asinine to think no one wants the job.

It could be true that the Eagles' job isn't super attractive, for reasons I outlined earlier. But it could also be true that Kelly is genuinely taking his time because there's really no rush. With the NFL Draft less than 100 days away and the Senior Bowl having already started, obviously they would like to make a hire sooner than later. Getting the right person is obviously more important than just rushing into a hire.

• That being said, I have no idea when a hire is coming. Some of the candidates that the Eagles had lined up, such as Brian Gaine, have been ruled out of the search. It seemed like the Eagles might just settle on in-house option Ed Marynowitz if they couldn't find an external hire but apparently he isn't even in the running. (I do think Marynowitz gets promoted to Tom Gamble's old position of vice president of player personnel, by the way, but just a guess.)

No other choice but to wait in see. They'll hire someone eventually.

...I think.

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