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DeflateGate: NFL finds Patriots cheated by using under-inflated footballs

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David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL's investigation into the New England Patriots using under-inflated footballs against the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship Game this past Sunday has come to a conclusion. According to ESPN NFL Insider Chris Mortensen, the Patriots were indeed using deflated balls:

NFL has found that 11 of the Patriots footballs used in Sunday’s AFC title game were under-inflated by 2 lbs each, per league sources. NFL has no comment at this time and Patriots say they will continue to cooperate with the investigation. More on SpotrsCenter.

That's some pretty damning stuff.

To say that the deflated footballs caused the Colts to lose to the Patriots by 45-7 would be pretty silly. But that's not the point. The issue is that the Patriots cheated and were caught. Of course, this isn't the first time, either. Everyone remembers Spygate scandal back in 2007.

It's going to be pretty interesting to see how the NFL responds to this. The Patriots are scheduled to play in Super Bowl 49 next Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.

What kind of punishment, if any, do you think they'll face?