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Eagles GM Search: Ed Marynowitz doesn't expect to interview

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The latest on the Eagles search for a new "GM."

The Senior Bowl isn't merely an event where NFL media types go to Alabama to watch the prospects for the upcoming NFL Draft. It's also a time where those media members get the chance to speak with various NFL personnel executives and scouts. One of the topics of discussion for Eagles reporters was Philadelphia's GM search. Here are some interesting updates.

Ed Marynowitz doesn't expect to interview for Eagles GM job

Eagles assistant director of player personnel Ed Marynowitz was the first name to emerge in Philadelphia's GM search. A number of people have spoken glowingly (the next Ozzie Newsome) about the 30-year-old executive, but the Eagles might opt for someone with more experience. It appears Marynowitz isn't scheduled to even receive an interview, however.

What's going on with Tom Gamble?

Tom Gamble's name hasn't really been linked to any new jobs ever since being fired by the Eagles on the last day of 2014. Philadelphia's former vice president of player personnel was seen talking with current members of the Eagles staff.

Were the Eagles going to hire Brian Gaine?

Houston Texans executive Brian Gaine interviewed for the Eagles GM job earlier in the month. The Texans promoted him last week before he could accept the Eagles job, however. It seems like the Eagles may have wanted to hire him.

Concerns about taking the Eagles GM job

No update on Sheldon White

Detroit Lions executive Sheldon White has been rumored to be an Eagles GM candidate, but he wouldn't comment on the search.