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Jason Kelce destroyed a Twitter user who insulted Chip Kelly

Eagles fans will love this.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

If you're ever thinking about tweeting an insulting statement about Eagles head coach Chip Kelly on Twitter, you want may to re-think about doing it before you press send. That is, unless you're OK with Philadelphia's starting center Jason Kelce finding you and publicly shaming you in front of his many followers.

The following scenario played out not too long after it was announced on Friday night that Kelly would be staying in Philadelphia and receiving more player personnel power.

First, this Twitter user tweeted the following:

Then, Kelce somehow found his tweet (likely by typing "Chip Kelly" in Twitter's search) and replied with the following:

Pretty funny stuff.

Kelce also gave the following tweet an endorsement by retweeting it:

Kelce sure isn't doing anything to hurt his fan-favorite status.

UPDATE: It turns out Kelce's teammate Jeremy Maclin really liked his tweet.

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