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Eagles structure change: Do you approve of Chip Kelly having all the power?

"No one man should have all that power. Or should he?" - Kanye West

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Due to the Eagles new power structure, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly now has all the power when it comes to the player personnel department. For better or for worse, the Eagles are set up to live and die by Kelly's decision making moving forward.

So is this a good thing? Or a bad thing? While we won't actually know until how we see how the decisions play out, let's talk about it.

As the level-headed guy I am, I like to take a look at both sides of the coin. I think this could be a good move for the Eagles and I think it could be a bad move for the Eagles. First, the negative.

Why it's a bad move:

There's no doubt that Chip Kelly is a good coach. He had a ton of success with the Oregon Ducks and that's why he was hired in Philadelphia. He's gone 20-12 in his first two seasons. The concern is that he might not be the best talent evaluator. Being both a general manager AND a head coach can be tricky. There can be a conflict of interests. A GM should have the long-term focus in mind while the coach is typically focused on "winning the day", as Kelly would say.

Kelly might not have the best idea of value when it comes to the draft. He reportedly wanted to take Taylor Hart, who didn't play a single game in his rookie season, in the third round before Howie Roseman talked him out of it and told him he'd be available in the fifth instead. There's also a concern Kelly could be over-reliant on PAC12 players (including ones from Oregon) while passing up more talented prospects.

When it comes to free agency, it seems Kelly really values continuity. The team wasn't as aggressive in free agency last offseason as they arguably could have been. This continuity factor could also spill over into an over-reliance on veteran players who have passed their prime.

Why it's a good move:

The first benefit is the most immediate implication: Kelly's increase in power increases his job security. Eagles fans won't have to worry about losing him now. Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie successfully managed to retain both Kelly and Roseman, which is great for the franchise because they're both valuable.

As already explained, Kelly is a good coach. He is a successful person. He knows best the players that he wants and needs in order to be successful. Kelly is a football purist; he lives, eats, and sleeps the sport. He attends pro days like no other coach does. He clearly has the work ethic and drive to handle increased responsibility.

Eagles fans should want to live and die by Kelly. While there's no guarantee he will be successful, at the very least there will be no one else to blame should he fail. The worst case scenario would have been Kelly failing due to someone else's mistakes. Now that can't happen. It's all on him. Conversely, if he succeeds, no one else can take the credit from him.


Now it's your turn. Let's put it to a vote. What say you?

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