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Eagles will live and die by Chip Kelly

Chip's got all the power now.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The title says it all. From here on out, the Philadelphia Eagles will live and die by Chip Kelly.

There is no more ambiguity as to who had control over what. Kelly is in charge. He will now now oversee the player personnel department, along with the new personnel executive that he chooses. This means that he will pick all of the players, and whether they stay or go.

It's clear Kelly didn't value Howie Roseman much as a personnel evaluator, which is an area the latter clearly had interest in. Roseman's job description now focuses him on matters related to contract negotiations and the salary cap, among other things. In other words, Roseman is more or less a cap guy.

Whether this new structure turns out to be successful remains to be seen. There's no denying Kelly has been heck of a coach; the team has gone 20-12 in their first two years under him. But Kelly's skills as a talent evaluator aren't so clear. If Kelly had a big hand in some of the questionable moves during Philadelphia's 2014 offseason, such as the Riley Cooper contract extension, the DeSean Jackson situation, the Marcus Smith II pick, and so on, his gain in power could be a concern. On the other hand, if Kelly makes good decisions and the team continues to succeed, it won't be a problem at all.

The checks and balances are gone. The Eagles will live and die by Kelly's decisions.

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