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Tom Gamble's firing could result in "something big" taking place with the Eagles

Oh boy.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

According to ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio, "something big" could be going on with the Eagles. Here's his tweet:

What does it mean?! I don't know. It's incredibly vague. But given the Eagles power struggle going on right now, it doesn't seem like it's bound to be good news for the team.

My complete speculation, but immediate reaction is that this news involves Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. Meaning that he could be gone. Why? Well, if Kelly and Gamble were really close, and Gamble was fired... you can only imagine how the coach feels about this. Kelly hasn't officially commented since Gamble's firing on Wednesday. Perhaps I'm rushing to judgement here, but it's really the first thing that comes to mind.

Again, note that this is really vague and could mean almost anything.


Florio appeared on 97.5 to clarify his comments. He didn't really say too much.


Tim McManus is reporting that a move is coming, but it doesn't involve the departure of Kelly or Roseman.

More on this story on it develops. In the meantime, stay tuned here at BGN for more updates.

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