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Eagles News: Marcus Mariota thinks reuniting with Chip Kelly would be fun

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/19/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles QB coach targeted for Raiders OC job - BGN
In case you missed it: For the second straight season, the Eagles could lose their QB coach.

NFL conference championship picks - PhillyVoice
According to a source, several Eagles coaches, some of whom have been coaching football for over a decade, felt that Seattle was the most confident team they had ever seen. According to that same source, the Eagles had an eye on the Seahawks game all season, and prepared for them as much as any other opponent. That extra prep work didn't do Philly much good, as the Seahawks defense held the Eagles to a measly 139 yards (57 rushing, 82 passing) on a paltry 3.1 yards per play.

GM Update - Iggles Blitz
One odd note to this whole situation…Tom Gamble remains unemployed and I haven’t seen any report of him getting looked at by another team. I don’t know if teams are nervous about talking to him due to stories that might be floating around or if possibly Kelly is still trying to work out something to bring him back. I doubt that happens, but this has been a strange situation so never say never.

How Far Away Are These Eagles? -
It's a conversation to have every day, and an answer that we learn only when the games start in September. How far away are the Eagles from being a Super Bowl team? They've had back-to-back 10-6 seasons under head coach Chip Kelly, with one NFC East title. A 9-3 opening three quarters of the 2014 season melted into a 1-3 slide and a sideline view of the playoffs. Where do the Eagles go from here? It's going to be quiet time for the most part until free agency starts on March 10, when we'll see the team's plan play out.

Marcus Mariota says it would be fun to play for Chip Kelly and Eagles -
Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota entered his name into the 2015 NFL Draft class earlier this week, and it only took a few days for the idea many have speculated about in Philadelphia for months to make it's way to the Heisman winner. "Obviously my relationship with Coach Kelly," Mariota said about potentially joining the Eagles, "it'd be a lot of fun to be a part of that offense and be a part of that team. But for me, any team that wants me to be part of their club, I'm all for it."

Lurie can learn from NFL's final four - Inquirer
You watch and try to learn. How did they get there? What makes them so different? What makes them better? Jeffrey Lurie has spent more than two decades studying the NFL's elite teams in this manner and the Eagles owner would like to think his team belongs in the conversation. In truth, Lurie's Eagles lurk on the fringe of being elite: almost always good, but never quite good enough. In his 21 seasons as the team owner, the Eagles have had 13 winning seasons. Only New England (18), Green Bay (17), Indianapolis (16) and Pittsburgh (15) have had more.

Understanding the NFL’s Code Talkers - The MMQB
Sam Wyche introduced the no-huddle offense with the Bengals in the 1980s, and the retired coach can’t help but watch the playoffs like a proud father. He breaks down the scheme’s evolution, takes a stab at the meaning of "New York Bozo," and points out the fatal flaw some teams routinely make.

The Seahawks were only able to come back because of Mike McCarthy's horrendous coaching decisions - SB Nation
The Packers didn't lose because of Mike McCarthy's poor decision to kick a pair of field goals in the first quarter. But if he hadn't been so foolish, the Packers would've had a better chance of winning.

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