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Eagles News: LeSean McCoy supports Nick Foles

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/18/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles mock draft roundup - PhillyVoice
The Super Bowl isn't even over yet, and mock draft season has already begun. Like fat kids in a candy store, we can't help but lose self control. So we click on them. Here's a roundup of who the draft guys have the Eagles taking.

Be Creative - Iggles Blitz
We all agree the Eagles must fix the secondary. But how? Do you try to get Cary Williams to take a pay cut and keep him? Do you sign a pair of free agents? Do you spend multiple high picks on CBs? There is no set formula for how to fix a secondary. The biggest thing for me is that the Eagles need to be creative and aggressive. With that in mind, I was happy to read this...

McCoy Grabs Foles’ Back - Birds 24/7
The talk has been about whether the Eagles will try to "win big" by making a move to land Marcus Mariota. "Obviously, with my relationship with coach Kelly that would be fun to be part of that offense again," said Mariota, via the Register-Guard, "but for me, any team that wants me to be part of their club, I’m all for it. Whatever happens, happens and I look forward to the process."

Fan-Demonium: The Fun Begins -
I watched some of a practice for the NFLPA game the other day. I was intrigued by all three quarterbacks. Most likely, none of them will ever start a game in the NFL. I'm smart enough to know that. But this is the offseason and that brings out the partly delusional side in all of us. Any time we see a player shine in a practice or a game, we wonder if he's going to become an NFL star. It's like seeing a field covered in lottery tickets. You know you won't win, but there is that little part of you that does dream of winning. To me, that's the fun of the offseason. You don't know which player is going to be Brian Dawkins and which one is going to be Jaiquawn Jarrett.

Randall: Eagles should do 'whatever it takes' to get Mariota - CSN Philly
But if Cunningham had a choice, the Eagles would do whatever is possible to ensure they get Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota. "Whatever team gets him is going to be great. I’d love to see him land in Philadelphia," Cunningham said during a phone interview on Thursday's edition of Philly Sports Talk.

Luck has a chance to make his mark vs. Brady - Inquirer
Andrew Luck was 12 years old on Jan. 27, 2002, the day Tom Brady first played in an AFC championship game. Brady helped lead the New England Patriots to a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on the way to the Patriots' first Super Bowl title. Two years later, Brady played the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC championship game. Brady won that one, too. That was the first of Brady's four playoff games against Peyton Manning, three of which came with a Super Bowl trip on the line.

Can the Seahawks stop Aaron Rodgers? - SB Nation
The Seahawks are favored to win the NFC Championship this weekend. For that to happen, they'll have to contain Aaron Rodgers with a smart pass rush, says retired NFL defensive end Stephen White.

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