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Eagles News: DeSean Jackson pokes fun at Donovan McNabb

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/15/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Where the Eagles' season went wrong, part IV: Bad QB play - PhillyVoice
In the past, pocket awareness was a strength of Foles'. While everyone knows that he's not exactly Usain Bolt, Foles did a good job both in 2012 and 2013 of feeling pressure, sliding away from it and throwing on the run. In 2014, he retreated backward far too often instead of stepping up into the pocket or escaping the pocket laterally. This led both to bad decisions and unnecessary sacks.

A Big Lesson, But No Lesson At All - Iggles Blitz
Kelly likes Foles, but he didn’t draft or trade for him. And Foles only got the job after Michael Vick got hurt. Kelly went with Foles this year because Foles put up such amazing numbers in 2013. You had to play him. The results from 2014 didn’t show Foles to be The Guy, but they also weren’t bad enough to count him out. That’s the biggest frustration. You didn’t get an answer one way or the other. Foles could still be the answer. You can’t ignore the success he had in 2013. But he also doesn’t jump out as a guy that you just know is going to be a special player.

Mariota Declares For Draft - Birds 24/7
With Mariota officially in the draft, the speculation about whether Chip Kelly will make a play for him is going nowhere. Whether such a move is feasible is largely dependent on how far the QB drops. Daniel Jeremiah gave his take on that subject during his appearance on 97.5 The Fanatic Wednesday. "Everybody talks about, 'Is he going to drop? Is he going to fall?' I don't know if he was ever all the way up there to begin with," he said. "I think there's a chance he could slide down a little bit. There are so many teams that need a quarterback, and the Jets where they're picking (at six), that's a team that I would keep an eye on."

Where Are They Now? DE Clyde Simmons -
The Eagles are fortunate that the statue of limitations has run out otherwise they could be charged with stealing Clyde Simmons in the ninth round of the 1986 NFL Draft. Excited to be chosen at all, the defensive end from Western Carolina couldn’t have cared less whether he was overlooked or not. He arrived at Training Camp realizing that late-round picks need to be noticed to have a chance of making the team.

DeSean Jackson mocks Donovan McNabb on live TV, opts for Winston over Mariota - The 700 Level
When it comes to former Philadelphia Eagles players, nobody seems to bring out such strong opinions as Donovan McNabb and DeSean Jackson. So when DJacc joined Donnie on his Fox Sports Live program, we had to click over to see what the former dynamic duo had to say. Turns out, they're both still as goofy as they ever were.

Who ya gonna call? With the Eagles, NFL agents aren't quite sure - Daily News
If you’re an agent, who do you call right now if you want to ascertain whether the Eagles might be interested in signing or re-signing your client, and at what level? Agents contacted yesterday by the Daily News said they weren’t sure. "That’s a great question," one agent said. "I’m just waiting to see who I hear from."

Cian's Corner: Marcus Mariota - Rotoworld
For a while, Oregon starting quarterback Marcus Mariota was almost untouchable as a top prospect. Before he decided to return to school for the 2014 season, seemingly an overwhelming majority of national draft analysts had Mariota as their top quarterback for the 2014 draft. In college this year, he won the Heisman trophy while continuing to be exceptionally productive and efficient. While those things mean nothing for his evaluation as an NFL prospect, there didn't appear to be obvious differences between Mariota this season and the year before. Maybe it's just a result of the constant coverage or new analysis from those who primarily focus on the NFL during the regular season, but in recent weeks Mariota's metaphorical stock has taken some hits.

Ohio State's Cardale Jones faces a risky NFL decision - SB Nation
The redshirt sophomore quarterback has been a sensation for the Buckeyes, but is a three-game sample size large enough to make the biggest decision of his life?