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Todd Bowles hired by New York Jets as head coach

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The former Eagles and Cardinals defensive coordinator is now a head coach.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

According to a report, the New York Jets have hired Todd Bowles to fill their head coaching vacancy. New York signed Bowles to a four-year contract.

Bowles had been a name heavily rumored in numerous head coaching searches around the NFL. The 51-year-old Elizabeth, NJ native gained attention for being the defensive coordinator of an Arizona Cardinals defense that ranked near the top of the league the past two years.

The Eagles originally hired Bowles as their secondary coach in January 2012. After Philadelphia fired offensive-line-coach-turned-defensive-coordinator Juan Castillo, Bowles was promoted to replace him. The Eagles finished that year with a 4-12 record and a defense that ranked ninth in pass defense and twenty-third in rushing defense.

Bowles didn't stick around long after then-Eagles coach Andy Reid was fired. By the time the Eagles hired Chip Kelly, Bowles had already accepted a job in Arizona.

It'll be interesting to see what kind of success Bowles has in New York. The Jets' hire is a little curious because they already had a defensive head coach in Rex Ryan who they fired following the 2014 season.

UPDATE: It appears former Eagles linebacker (1998-2001) and linebacker coach Mike Caldwell will be Bowles' defensive coordinator.