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Eagles News: Jameis Winston is better than Marcus Mariota

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/10/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Ranking the Eagles' offseason needs - PhillyVoice
In the NFL, you either have a franchise QB... or you don't. If you don't, you better have some kind of historically awesome defense like the 2000 Ravens or the 2003 Buccaneers, or you won't be a legitimate Super Bowl contender. The Eagles most definitely do not have anything close to a historically awesome defense, and likely won't anytime soon. Is Nick Foles a franchise QB? After cautious optimism following Foles' stellar 2013 season, he did not play well in 2014. As long as you don't think you have a top 10-12 type of QB in the NFL, you should always be searching for someone who can be. Foles will be on the roster in 2015, as he's in the final year of his rookie deal. He'll likely be given the opportunity to compete for a starting job in training camp, but the Eagles need to find a way to give him legitimate competition.

Q & A - Iggles Blitz
Could the Eagles draft a QB in the 1st round? Could that be Hundley from UCLA?
Yes and yes. Nick Foles is not a sure thing. If Kelly thinks another QB would be an upgrade, he’ll pull the trigger on that player. Hundley is pretty much the opposite of Foles. Hundley is a great athlete, but erratic passer. Some might compare him to Colin Kaepernick. While they are similar, Hundley is a more polished passer coming out of college. I don’t know if Kelly will decide that he covets a QB with size and athleticism. Hundley is highly inconsistent, but his highs are high. He has the physical tools to be a star QB. Spending time with Kelly could bring out the best in him, but he is still a project and I don’t think it is likely he would start in 2015.

McShay: On the Field, It’s Winston Over Mariota - Birds 24/7
Trent Dilfer is not the only analyst who has doubts about Marcus Mariota being the top pick in this year’s draft. Daniel Jeremiah of NFL Network is hearing buzz from personnel people that this is not a good year for QB-needy teams in the top five. And ESPN's Todd McShay believes it's entirely possible that teams will prefer Florida State QB Jameis Winston over Mariota.

Chip Kelly Update: Front Office Thunderdome - Fishduck
For the first time ever in his head coaching career, Chip Kelly’s season ended when the regular season did. It’s got to be killing him, as proud as he no doubt is that his Ducks destroyed Florida State and are heading into the National Championship Game favored by a touchdown. As I’ve said before, he’s Moses, unable to enter the Promised Land and watching his people go on without him. Bittersweet.

In Marynowitz, Eagles may have a ready-made personnel executive - Inquirer
But Marynowitz's four years as Alabama's director of player personnel - an experience that's every bit as close to being a pro executive as it sounds - might give him an inside track on the position. Kelly and Alabama coach Nick Saban are friends, and as innovative as Kelly has been when it comes to his players' training and style of play, Saban has also been creative in his methods for recruiting and hoarding elite talent.

Eagles Should Trade Up for Marcus Mariota: The "Why", the "How" and Past Precedent - Eagles Addict
The first answer is easy.  By and large throughout NFL history and still going strong today, teams NEED a franchise QB if they want to legitimately compete for a Super Bowl.  And note, when I say "franchise QB", I’m talking about a quarterback that becomes an unquestioned starter, not necessarily a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. It’s the single-most important position in football, period.  If you’re going to invest a tremendous amount of resources into one position, this is it. The next reason is to give Chip Kelly "his guy."  I don’t care what Chip or anyone else has said in the past two years…if he wants his offense to reach its maximum potential, he needs to have a dual threat quarterback.  How ridiculous does it look when we see Nick Foles or Mark Sanchez running a read option play?

Curry Hungry For Bigger Role In 2015 -
Vinny Curry abstained from red meat and dairy last offseason and was rewarded with the ability to feast on quarterbacks in 2014. Curry now wants to chew out a bigger role in the Eagles' defense in 2015.

'How the Redskins Got Their Name,' a children's book review by PFT Commenter - SB Nation
RedskinsFacts promoted a children's book about the history behind the term "Redskin," so I sat down to review it.