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Howie Roseman didn't talk to Jets about vacant GM position for himself


Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like there's a new development in the Eagles power struggle story every few hours. The latest news comes from ProFootballTalk. According to Mike Florio, Philadelphia general manager Howie Roseman did talk to the New York Jets about their GM vacancy, but not with his own interest in mind, as Jeff McLane originally suggested.

"So yes, the Jets — who have a vacant General Manager job – may have had some conversations with Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman, as reported this morning by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

But those conversations weren’t about Howie Roseman.

A league source with knowledge of the Jets’ thinking tells PFT that the only conversations they or their consultants had with Roseman were limited to their interest in interviewing Eagles pro personnel director Rick Meuller for the job.

Of course, at a time when the Eagles appear to be turning into San Francisco East in terms of internecine rivalries, the idea that Roseman was listening to others could always be used as a political chip, and might not be a perception he minds."

The Jets requested permission to interview Mueller earlier in the week, so this makes some sense. If Florio's source is correct, it wouldn't be surprising to see the Jets interested in learning more about the candidate they are considering hiring away from Roseman's department.

The Eagles certainly aren't in any rush to see Roseman go. The 39-year-old GM is reportedly viewed as a "messiah" in the eyes of Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie.

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