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Jeffrey Lurie sees Howie Roseman as a "messiah"

The Eagles' GM has the most important man in his corner.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

It's never been more apparent that Eagles Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie really likes general manager Howie Roseman. This much was made clear when the team fired vice president of player personnel Tom Gamble on the final day of 2014. Gamble reportedly had a tight relationship with Chip Kelly, and the dismissal of the former signaled a power shift back to the Eagles' GM.

The obvious concern moving forward is about how the Kelly-Roseman dynamic will work. It's easy to imagine Kelly was upset with the Gamble firing. If Kelly and Roseman don't get along, eventually it could be one of them that's headed out the door. If that's the case, it seems clear who Lurie would side: Roseman. Read the following from CSN Philly's Reuben Frank:

'But Lurie is fiercely loyal to Roseman, who’s risen through the organization from intern to GM and has been here since 2000. Lurie even kept Roseman over his boyhood friend, team president Joe Banner, when Roseman and Banner were locked in a power struggle a few years ago.

"Jeffrey sees Howie as a messiah," a one-time Eagles front-office exec said Wednesday. "Howie can do no wrong in his eyes."'

Frank went on to point out how a number of Eagles executives such as Tom Heckert, Jason Licht, Ryan Grigson (who accepted the Colts' GM job), Louis Riddick, and now Gamble have all been removed over the years while Roseman still remains.

Obviously, Lurie would rather not have to pick between the coach he heavily coveted that led his team to 20-12 in two years and the young executive he's placed so much trust in. But the same thing could be said for the San Francisco 49ers and the Jim Harbaugh-Trent Baalke divide. 49ers owner Jed York sided with Baalke in that case, and it looks like Lurie would side with Roseman if push comes to shove.

Only time will tell if a successful Kelly-Roseman relationship is sustainable.

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