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Eagles News: The Philadelphia power struggle

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/1/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Programming note: Happy New Year, Eagles fans! You may have noticed that "The Linc" is no longer the title of this post. If the overwhelming majority takes issue with this change, I'll consider a move back the original. But for now I'll just use "The Linc" in the promo title of this post (meaning the version you see on the front page cover, not the article you see here).

Gamble is Out - Iggles Blitz
This shouldn’t affect the Eagles on a day-to-day basis. Howie is a veteran GM. He’s got plenty of veteran people around him and a full set of scouts out in the field. Gamble’s presence would be most important when putting together the draft board and making decisions during the actual draft. That’s where his experience and knowledge would be most beneficial.

Eagles End Of the Year Awards - Birds 24/7
Most Improved Player: Bennie Logan
You could certainly make the case for Cox or Mychal Kendricks here, but we'll give the nod to Logan. The second-year player made the leap and turned into one of the most productive nose tackles in the league. Per, Logan's 57 tackles led all nose tackles, and the 2013 third-round pick was a big reason why the Eagles finished sixth against the run in DVOA. With Cox, Logan and Cedric Thornton, the Eagles have a terrific, young defensive line that should be a strength for years to come.

Stay or Go: Examining Eagles’ potential cap casualties - The 700 Level
Deciding which players to re-sign and offer extensions isn’t always very difficult, but the move to part ways with a veteran for financial reasons is often a difficult call. Not surprisingly, for a team with as many aging players as the Philadelphia Eagles, they have several decisions to make this offseason. Not only player on this list isn’t at least serviceable at the right price, but money talks, especially when you start talking upwards of $7, $8 and essentially $12 million. Some Eagles can avoid the chopping block if they decide to restructure their contracts, while others may not be saved regardless. Of the potential cap casualties, who will see 2015 in Philly?

Kelly has his work cut out for him in settling on a QB for Eagles - Daily News
IF ONLY THE NFL world was as Chip Kelly depicted it Monday. In his season wrapup news conference, the Eagles' coach brushed aside a question about the importance of finding a quarterback you could "hitch your wagon to" by indicating it was just as important to find a linebacker or a safety who was wagon-hitching-worthy.

Brandon Boykin: 'I got a lot better' despite drop in INTs - CSN Philly
It’s easy to look at Brandon Boykin’s interception numbers and just conclude that his level of play dropped off in 2014. Six interceptions to one interception? That’s the biggest dropoff in INTs by an Eagle since Terry Hoage went from eight INTs in 1988 to none in 1989. Boykin thinks the opposite is true. He believes he got better. A lot better.

Jaylen Watkins and Nolan Carroll - IgglesNest
For much of the season, Eagles fans begged for Bradley Fletcher to be benched. Finally, in week 17, Fletcher came down with a phantom hip injury and Nolan Carroll and Jaylen Watkins saw their most extensive playing time of the season. How did it go? Well… It didn’t go great for either of them. We saw both players struggle at times, each of them giving up long gains and touchdowns. Thankfully the touchdown Nolan Carroll allowed was nullified by a Will Beatty holding penalty. Both players flashed skills in their first real action of the season. They showed technical flaws that have been showing up all year in the secondary but they also showcased some athleticism and ball skills that Bradley Fletcher simply wasn’t bringing to the table, neither player suffers from an apparent lack of talent.

Jenkins Was The Rock In Defensive Backfield -
The Eagles signed safety Malcolm Jenkins to a three-year deal on March 11, now more than nine months and one full season ago. Jenkins was brought in to anchor the team's secondary, bringing a veteran presence to the Eagles’ outfit of defensive backs. Jenkins had a career year, setting personal single-season highs in interceptions (3), tackles (112) and passes defensed (13). He was a solid rock on the backend, piloting the Eagles' secondary through ups and downs.

Why Jim Harbaugh left the NFL - SB Nation
The NFL media struggled to accept the idea of Jim Harbaugh leaving professional football to coach at Michigan. They overlooked what really drove his decision.