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Eli Manning jersey burned by angry New York Giants fan (Video)

Lol Giants.

The New York Giants didn't exactly start off the 2014 NFL season so hot. In a 35-14 loss to the Detroit Lions on the road, the Giants "new and improved" offense averaged 4.1 yards per pass attempt and 2.4 yards per rush attempt.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning didn't look good coming off a 27-interception performance in 2013; he threw two picks against Detroit.

One Giants fan has had enough of Manning and decided to burn his jersey. He's also encouraging other Giants fans to buy Manning jerseys so they can do the same. Watch the video above and enjoy.

Full transcript:

OK Giant fans, we have GOT to unite. I am so SICK and TIRED of Eli Manning. He SUCKS. He needs to be benched. I am BURNING my ELI MANNING JERSEY because he SUCKS. There you go. BURN Eli, BURN. Burn. Get that name. Cause you know what, he needs to go down. ELI MANNING SUCKS! There it is, up in flames, ho!

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