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Ifeanyi Momah signs with Cleveland Browns practice squad

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Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

According to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Caplan (man, I've been saying that a lot lately), former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Ifeanyi Momah has signed with the Cleveland Browns practice squad.

Why is this news? Well, because it's Momah, the greatest offseason wide receiver of all time (other than Na Brown, of course). Jokes aside, the 6-8 Momah showed real improvement from his first offseason spent with the Eagles in 2013. I even wrote a column about his "night and day" improvement.

Momah was ultimately waived in the team's final cuts. It's apparent the Eagles (or any other NFL teams until now, for that matter) didn't have much interest in adding Momah to their practice squad.

Best wishes to Momah in Cleveland. Always a nice interview and a hard worker. Good to see he was able to land a practice squad spot after spending the entire 2013 without a single offer.

Now, I leave you with this very important observation.

Ha. Wow.

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In other former Eagles news, the Minnesota Vikings signed outside linebacker Josh Kaddu to their practice squad. Kaddu, a former member of the Oregon Ducks football team, spent the 2014 offseason on Philadelphia's roster until being waived in final cuts.