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Ray Rice released by Baltimore Ravens

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There it is.

Rob Carr

The Baltimore Ravens announced they have released running back Ray Rice.

Rice's release comes following a video TMZ posted on Monday morning where Rice is seen punching his then-fiancee and now-wife, Janay Palmer, inside of an elevator at the Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City on February 15th, 2014. Prior to the release of this video, Rice had been suspended by NFL Roger Goodell for only two games.

Jason Butt over at SB Nation Baltimore Ravens site, Baltimore Beatdown, posted a story earlier on Monday about why the Ravens should release Rice.

After taking some time this morning to think over it, this is the only solution for everyone associated with the franchise or fan base. You can't be a respectable place of business and employ Rice any longer. The same applies to the Carolina Panthers, assuming defensive end Greg Hardy's appeal goes the same way his first trial went. And the same applies to any business in the marketplace. Employing someone caught on camera doing this sends the message that that it is OK to abuse women.

Rice isn't the only bad guy in this league. But he got caught on camera. His action that night speaks for itself. This isn't a there's-no-place-in-the-NFL-for-this argument. There's no place in society for this. Plain and simple.

The only way for everyone to move on is for the Ravens, as well as the city of Baltimore, to cut ties with him today.

The Ravens really had no other choice. Don't expect to see Rice in the NFL again any time soon. Good riddance.

Update (2:44 PM EST) - The NFL has suspended Rice indefinitely.