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Grade the Philadelphia Eagles victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars

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The Eagles beat the Jaguars, 34-17. Now let's grade how they did.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles got off to a rough start but finished strong with a 34-17 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. The Eagles offense turned the ball over too often and was shutout in the first half but then went on to score 27 unanswered points. The defense allowed 17 points but was put in a bad position at times due to offensive turnovers.

Now that the game is over, let's assign a letter grade.

My grade: B-

The Eagles won, but this one sure wasn't pretty. The Eagles made too many mistakes in the first half and the Jaguars took advantage of them.

The biggest problem was quarterback Nick Foles. For someone that often gets praised for his above-average decision making, he looked very indecisive against the Jaguars. He held onto the ball too long which meant he took sacks and opened himself up to fumbles. Speaking of which, Foles now has 14 fumbles in 21 career games played. Foles looked less terrible in the second half but not to the extent where he erased concerns about his first half performance.

The Eagles defense, which remarkably struggled on third down in 2013, looked solid. Philadelphia held the Jaguars offense to a 2-14 third down efficiency.  The run defense held Jacksonville to a mere 2.6 yards per carry (64 yards on 25 attempts). The only touchdowns that the Jaguars scored came when the Eagles offense turned the ball over and put Philadelphia's defense in a bad position.

Special teams was impressive. Cody Parkey recorded 5 touchbacks on 7 kickoffs. He also hit a clutch 51-yarder to tie the game at 17-17. Darren Sproles also impressed as a punt returner. He returned 4 punts for 62 yards for an average of 15.5. Brandon Bair blocked a Josh Scobee field goal attempt.

Again, far from a pretty win, but the Eagles got the job done. There were some encouraging signs. Unfortunately, the biggest concern involves the most important position on the the team: quarterback.

What's your grade?